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Why does my cat just like leaving the bedroom door open
FatalAccident1408/10 1:34am
Selling sunset is back
FatalAccident108/09 7:48pm
Joey Badass is back
FatalAccident308/08 11:09am
It's so hot
FatalAccident1608/08 4:47am
That's twice in two months my NBA 2k save game has become unplayable
FatalAccident308/01 1:18pm
Aggron is my fav Pokemon. But seems useless competitively
FatalAccident1707/31 11:26pm
Does fishious rend still do 2x damage if the enemy switches out?
FatalAccident307/30 11:34am
red pixel got banned?
FatalAccident3907/29 5:44am
Why isn't Macau as controversial as Hong Kong?
FatalAccident907/28 8:49am
I spend *way* too much money on food
FatalAccident3207/26 7:23pm
The Mayan penalty in Civ 6, is not much of a penalty
FatalAccident607/24 9:49pm
Do you still say gg if u wiped the floor with someone
FatalAccident1507/23 2:59pm
This filter girls on tinder are using with emojis on their cheeks is kinda cute
FatalAccident1007/20 5:11pm
Hard to imagine Grant Imahara being gone after watching the Discovery tribute
FatalAccident507/20 2:28pm
A pigeon flew at my window, knocked itself out and died
FatalAccident907/16 2:53pm
My boss once told me I'm a very non-threatening character
FatalAccident1407/16 10:55am
Red Dead Redemption 2 or Detroit Become Human?
FatalAccident5107/15 2:43am
So what's the real truth about the Russian bounty on US troops?
FatalAccident707/13 7:39pm
i hate my job lol
FatalAccident1807/13 12:31pm
When I'm out I wanna be at home, when I'm at home I wanna go out
FatalAccident207/12 1:32pm
Lady Six Sky... more like lady thicc thighs m I rite
FatalAccident107/11 4:11pm
Max airstream and max knuckle are insane
FatalAccident107/09 10:59am
There's a place in New York called fresh kills
FatalAccident707/07 11:27pm
why isnt weathering with you available to watch yet?
FatalAccident207/04 8:58am
I just watched the first 10 mins of Star Wars.... wat
FatalAccident12607/03 10:24pm
Favourite impractical joker?
FatalAccident1007/03 4:38am
Is Pokemon showdown down? Mines stuck on connecting
FatalAccident207/01 8:08am
I am Jazx
FatalAccident206/29 7:45pm
What is that typical medieval English flute song called?
FatalAccident306/26 9:57am
Ummm Civilization 6 still has an exploit. You can keep recruiting governors
FatalAccident606/23 3:49pm
"Stop resisting!!!"
FatalAccident2006/23 1:24pm
isle of armor worth getting?
FatalAccident606/20 11:22am
Skipping religion is Civilization 6 just opens up the whole early game
FatalAccident406/20 4:04am
The US is like some bizarre parallel universe sometimes.
FatalAccident806/18 6:46pm
the hate u give
FatalAccident206/17 4:57pm
Is there a reason Disney won't add ESPN to Disney plus?
FatalAccident906/16 10:08pm
My friend is being really shady about the Hilary Clinton sex ring
FatalAccident3206/14 3:58pm
Imagine pouring over 60 hours into a save game, and have the CPU erase it
FatalAccident606/13 1:48pm
Is JK Rowling catching heat for saying something about trans women?
FatalAccident10906/13 9:10am
Game of Zones literally predicted the NBA situation right now
FatalAccident406/13 12:05am
What's the most powerful country in the world?
FatalAccident6106/07 9:31pm
Can you die from getting shot in the ass cheek?
FatalAccident1906/07 9:30pm
HBO has some pretty good documentaries man
FatalAccident106/07 12:18pm
I feel like playing Final Fantasy, I have a Switch, PC, and GBA. What do I play?
FatalAccident506/06 10:40am
Someone just responded to my message with
FatalAccident1006/03 2:12pm
FatalAccident705/30 9:42am
Am I being insensitive man? My friends dad passed away
FatalAccident505/27 2:16pm
As someone who hates most Adam Sandler films, I actually like uncut gems
FatalAccident1305/26 4:05pm
Groudon is only about as tall as a basketball hoop
FatalAccident3205/23 7:39am
is there somewhere i can buy nintendo switch games digitally online?
FatalAccident605/22 4:08pm
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