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Music to be Murdered By
FatalAccident101/18 12:39am
Sw/Sh has 400 Pokemon, expansions will have 200 Pokemon
FatalAccident4101/13 7:07pm
So max raids let you catch other version exclusives?
FatalAccident501/11 3:42pm
Crown Tundra and Isle of Armor! SICK!
FatalAccident101/09 10:05am
Are the words timid and intimidate related??
FatalAccident401/07 3:16pm
who wanna battle me? I'm on sword/shield for about an hour
FatalAccident1901/05 2:47pm
Is there a hidden side to Pokemon battling I don't know about?
FatalAccident4701/04 6:35pm
Who the fuck playing loud as music at 530 in the morning
FatalAccident201/04 12:40am
RIP David Stern
FatalAccident801/03 2:54am
What are you all doing starting a war with Iran lol
FatalAccident501/02 11:22pm
Hope you guys have a good New Year's Eve and a good 2020
FatalAccident501/01 7:09am
Any cons to giving my cat wet food?
FatalAccident2312/27 2:47pm
Why did they change vice grip to vise grip in Pokemon?
FatalAccident2212/23 4:16pm
Just figured out the reason I'm so into these max raid battles
FatalAccident712/23 4:12pm
One of my senior managers just told me about how he called someone the n word
FatalAccident4012/20 10:40pm
Can someone explain the different levels of houses dealing with impeachment?
FatalAccident1212/18 8:56pm
Can someone help me evolve an Onix into a Steelix?
FatalAccident1312/15 5:19am
How do you get a Pokemon to learn it's level 1 moves?
FatalAccident212/14 8:33am
What's the design rationale for Galatian meowth?
FatalAccident212/14 4:18am
You get Exp share by default in sword/shield?
FatalAccident4612/12 10:52am
sword and shield worth getting a nintendo switch for?
FatalAccident5612/09 8:17am
Am I gonna notice a drop off going from 200mbps down to 100mbps?
FatalAccident712/05 3:19pm
Huh is the Statue of Liberty actually in New Jersey??
FatalAccident311/26 1:47pm
Everybody in the comments is just like OMG ray tracing is so good
FatalAccident511/08 4:43pm
Woah they killed Al Baghdadi?
FatalAccident310/27 4:33pm
I think Watchmen is under appreciated
FatalAccident3110/22 8:58pm
So the end of John Wick parabellum (spoilers)
FatalAccident410/20 12:35pm
My cat keeps running away from me cos I've had to discipline her :(
FatalAccident3310/16 9:55pm
Not every introvert is shy, but is every shy person introverted?
FatalAccident410/15 3:51pm
So Pasteurisation has nothing to do with cows living in pastures?
FatalAccident610/07 5:27pm
Do they share hormone monsters on Big Mouth? Spoilers
FatalAccident310/07 7:06am
Uber Eats is so dangerous ._.
FatalAccident710/03 5:18pm
Okay so I'm going to NYC
FatalAccident709/21 1:19am
Anybody been to Tokyo? Is it easy to get around not knowing Japanese?
FatalAccident3109/16 10:02am
Somebody please tell me why I should stop drinking Diet Coke
FatalAccident4109/16 2:25am
I'm thinking of going to NYC in November... alone
FatalAccident2909/14 1:45pm
Gonna play Civilization on Deity. Wish me luck ._.
FatalAccident309/14 1:07am
Robert Mugabe dies at 95. Wow.
FatalAccident5109/13 4:11am
Best defensive backcourt in the NBA
FatalAccident209/06 1:46pm
I got a 4K TV and a GTX 980, how do I play games in 4K in my tv?
FatalAccident1108/30 2:54am
When someone is free climbing, what if there's nowhere to grab onto?
FatalAccident708/25 9:15pm
My cats green eye has turned from Bulbasaur green to more of a hazel yellow
FatalAccident408/22 4:34pm
Think my dads got cancer
FatalAccident1808/21 12:47am
I feel bad when I have to discipline my cat for being a naughty girl
FatalAccident1208/10 11:00am
Good morning PotD
FatalAccident108/03 1:37am
Anybody watch Manifest?
FatalAccident307/28 4:06pm
Funny, I heard an Italian saying Giovanni, sounds like "Jyo-wani"
FatalAccident607/24 11:32pm
Who plays Civ 6?Barbarian camps seem to spawn exclusively wherever I place a pin
FatalAccident307/14 6:05am
Player Unknown Battleground
FatalAccident407/13 4:18am
I got dat promotions guys
FatalAccident1007/10 3:40am
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