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Livestream of a baby sea otter in a crib.
FF_Redux208/12 7:28am
Fuck I think I have blood in my pee
FF_Redux4108/12 7:01am
Grey's Anatomy will run until Shonda (creator) or Ellen Pompeo wants to quit
FF_Redux808/11 1:00pm
S1 of Stargirl > All of Arrowverse
FF_Redux1608/10 2:29pm
Fuck, throat is starting to feel scratchy.
FF_Redux308/10 2:11pm
My boyfriend wants to move in together but since he isn't really out yet...
FF_Redux708/09 5:32pm
At a nude beach atm in stockholm. Very mixed
FF_Redux1708/08 11:20am
Remember to meet Olle at the gate.
FF_Redux108/07 2:09pm
What do you call a blood sucking life form on the moon?
FF_Redux308/07 5:50am
I want to try/cook Cajun and Soul Food.
FF_Redux408/06 8:32pm
How would a 1D, 4D, 5D etc girl be?
FF_Redux308/06 8:17pm
2:05am ama
FF_Redux108/06 8:05pm
I haven't watched Youtube for 3 weeks now. What have I missed?
FF_Redux908/06 7:53pm
CEGays or anyone with experience with mansex, have you ever tried
FF_Redux1108/06 6:52pm
Okra is great.
FF_Redux908/06 6:41pm
There is a 25y old guy at the nude beach smoking weed in the open
FF_Redux2508/06 6:24pm
Feels weird to be alone now that Ive spent most of my vacation with my bf
FF_Redux308/06 6:19pm
Chicken legs has rifles in them
FF_Redux308/06 6:18pm
Goes to store because I have to buy one thing.
FF_Redux308/05 11:09am
I think I fixed my Switch with the old blow trick
FF_Redux308/04 7:09am
Why is Bridge an old ppl card game?
FF_Redux508/03 10:14am
Ahhh at the nude beach (censored)
FF_Redux1208/02 9:05pm
Post your view
FF_Redux2708/02 11:15am
What is this spider?
FF_Redux1108/01 7:04pm
Not been sober since last friday and this morning.
FF_Redux307/30 2:15pm
I made salmon and prawn pasta.
FF_Redux107/30 2:13pm
Remember pics I posted after my eye surgery? (Strabimus) warning red eye!
FF_Redux707/28 7:48pm
My brain is fuzzy
FF_Redux107/28 6:23am
Green warm spiced milk
FF_Redux507/27 4:06pm
Soon halfway through my 4 week paid vacation AMA
FF_Redux1207/25 10:42pm
My nephew who broke his neck on saturday is home now
FF_Redux907/23 4:57pm
Wtf did I just handle?
FF_Redux1607/23 8:28am
Post your current view
FF_Redux2107/22 3:32pm
Look at dis cutie
FF_Redux707/21 10:13am
My 28y old nephew broke his neck, flown to hospital
FF_Redux5707/20 5:49pm
So my wish ads...
FF_Redux607/20 11:49am
I spotted The Doge
FF_Redux707/17 6:50pm
Mise en place: camping edition
FF_Redux107/17 3:41pm
What is this beetle?
FF_Redux907/17 3:10pm
Found this boat
FF_Redux507/17 2:44pm
Post your view at this moment
FF_Redux4107/17 1:54pm
Ants are cool
FF_Redux1007/15 1:53pm
Däng mäng
FF_Redux107/15 12:22pm
Do you have this in America?
FF_Redux1707/15 10:26am
Rate my dinner. Marockan dish.
FF_Redux1807/14 7:30pm
Did you see the Hale-Bopp comet in ~97?
FF_Redux1407/13 9:55pm
FF_Redux807/12 2:20pm
Fuck now my right Joy Con is drifting.
FF_Redux607/11 5:49am
Watching Modern Fanily and Ariel Winter's boobs
FF_Redux1107/10 5:31pm
Im mildly drunk Ama
FF_Redux1307/09 7:47pm
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