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Pokemon love is the best kind of love
DesuDeku32307/22 4:45pm
Why does Pokemon condone Pedophilia?
DesuDeku4305/13 6:59am
Guy gets impaled and survives (Warning: Graphic Image)
DesuDeku605/04 5:59pm
See that bulge under her skirt?
DesuDeku505/02 1:34pm
Penis Flower
DesuDeku605/01 8:39pm
Toddler nearly run over by two cars
DesuDeku1204/29 10:40pm
Attention CEmen! How strong is your sack?
DesuDeku1304/29 7:54pm
Donald Trump & K-Pop
DesuDeku704/28 9:21pm
Do you keep hot guys in your Refrigerator?
DesuDeku304/27 11:06pm
Do you know a guy with big breasts?
DesuDeku304/26 8:27pm
Which Fetish is worse, Loli or Furry?
DesuDeku2904/26 5:05pm
How close to a lion would you allow your child to get?
DesuDeku504/25 1:25pm
I know it's not ALL Women but...
DesuDeku204/24 8:46pm
Which is Worse? Pedophilia OR Zoophilia
DesuDeku2804/24 6:48pm
I heard CE likes thick women
DesuDeku804/22 7:53pm
Have you ever seen a naked Pokemon before?
DesuDeku1404/22 12:29am
Anal is gross
DesuDeku1504/21 7:46am
Today's my dad's birthday
DesuDeku204/20 2:58pm
CE, is this true?
DesuDeku504/20 1:23pm
Real or Fake?
DesuDeku504/20 1:00am
Has a girl you liked ever texted you her dick
DesuDeku404/19 9:42am
Post funny memes
DesuDeku204/18 3:31am
Why are Chikorita's feet so tiny?
DesuDeku2104/17 8:34pm
Is it offensive to joke about Bill Cosby?
DesuDeku1204/16 3:32pm
The Left needs a meme to combat Pepe and the Alt Right
DesuDeku2404/15 6:54am
Do you think this Ghost sighting is real or fake?
DesuDeku104/14 4:34pm
Would you be willing to buy this for 200$?
DesuDeku1404/12 12:52am
Have you ever binge watch a gum commercial before?
DesuDeku204/12 12:07am
Have you ever seen a spider on your computer screen?
DesuDeku404/10 10:29pm
I'm a Veteran
DesuDeku904/09 4:03pm
Sexy "Woman" spanking her monkey
DesuDeku204/08 7:06pm
Have you ever looked at a Beaver and wondered what it's Anus tasted like?
DesuDeku504/08 6:59pm
Some lady got two years for her assassination attempts and poisoning over 700
DesuDeku504/08 2:49pm
Driver escapes horrible car accident unscathed. How do you feel about this?
DesuDeku1804/08 2:05pm
What's a good name for a female Sunflora?
DesuDeku804/07 6:10am
What makes a woman's nipple any different from a man's nipple?
DesuDeku1304/05 5:06pm
Are you scared of Trump coming to your school?
DesuDeku804/04 12:24pm
Which Incineroar is your favorite, CE?
DesuDeku803/31 7:14pm
I've created a new Acronym!
DesuDeku403/29 12:48am
Can Kirby get any more cuter than this?
DesuDeku1303/28 3:14pm
*Racial Slur*
DesuDeku803/28 2:16pm
CEmen, Mods, everyone! Come watch 2 Girls, 1 Cup.
DesuDeku203/26 7:17pm
Do women have a 3rd eye in their Vajayjays?
DesuDeku403/26 2:40am
What's your scariest scene from a horror movie?
DesuDeku1903/25 12:30am
Hey Admiral!
DesuDeku303/23 4:02pm
Post any internet illusions that you've found
DesuDeku303/23 5:23am
Mangas are silly
DesuDeku503/23 1:44am
Swish Swoosh
DesuDeku103/21 6:08pm
When will they start making Non-human Sex Dolls?
DesuDeku1003/20 11:47pm
Don't Ban Gunz!
DesuDeku103/20 4:49pm
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