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I'm going back to my warm bed - The ongoing topic that disgusts normal people!
DeltaBladeX41901/17 5:37am
I'm bored, rate my PSN purchases while they download
DeltaBladeX801/14 3:32pm
Your opinion of multiplayer games that only had hotseat of single player modes?
DeltaBladeX201/13 6:34am
This is not safe for work
DeltaBladeX701/13 3:06am
What is the oldest working (when last used) video game system you still own?
DeltaBladeX4001/12 2:32pm
Aw yeah, found the bat nipples movie
DeltaBladeX2401/12 11:07am
Touch the cow
DeltaBladeX701/08 7:12pm
Since we didn't have a gifting topic during the Steam sale, anyone want a game?
DeltaBladeX3101/06 8:47pm
Were you given any games over Christmas / New Year?
DeltaBladeX1001/05 4:25pm
Happy New Year 2020 from New Zealand
DeltaBladeX612/31 10:30am
Do any of the WWE games have a story / campaign mode where I can use Asuka?
DeltaBladeX812/29 4:46pm
My sister got married today
DeltaBladeX812/28 3:44am
If you could pick a lesser known game system for Mini treatment...
DeltaBladeX1912/24 5:53pm
Bought $55 of used Lego (and some Mega Bloks) today at the thrift store
DeltaBladeX912/23 10:41am
Rate my shitty DVD purchases please, I'm bored
DeltaBladeX1012/22 7:51am
Bought a cheap NES Classic and put my 8yo nephew on some games
DeltaBladeX2112/20 8:48pm
I love the Strike games on Mega Drive / Genesis, should I play the rest of them?
DeltaBladeX412/16 2:01pm
What is the most obscure game you have bought this year?
DeltaBladeX2612/12 5:31am
Free games - Wasteland series (GOG)
DeltaBladeX812/12 2:21am
DeltaBladeX1412/11 9:15pm
Does anyone here know anything about python programming?
DeltaBladeX512/11 1:18am
Post movie titles that make you go WTF
DeltaBladeX1012/10 3:56am
Got more wasabi Doritos today
DeltaBladeX312/07 8:25pm
Mega Drive or Genesis?
DeltaBladeX2212/07 8:18pm
Anyone want some lobster?
DeltaBladeX1112/05 3:59pm
Looks like the first Humble Choice bundle has been leaked.
DeltaBladeX1112/05 3:21am
I finished only 19 games this year
DeltaBladeX3412/04 11:54pm
What shirt number did you pick in Pokemon Sword / Shield?
DeltaBladeX3112/03 9:50am
Finally got a Navigation controller to go with my Move controller for PS3
DeltaBladeX511/27 8:41pm
Pick a number between 1 and 1718
DeltaBladeX5211/22 11:17pm
Post player 2 controllers
DeltaBladeX1211/22 1:19pm
Really people, use your signals
DeltaBladeX911/22 8:16am
Sega console style wireless phone chargers
DeltaBladeX211/21 8:36pm
Fine, how about a poll of some not very good (mostly) FPS games for PS3?
DeltaBladeX511/21 3:31pm
Which Sonic do you prefer?
DeltaBladeX2211/18 11:32pm
DeltaBladeX411/18 9:34pm
The Little Mermaid
DeltaBladeX1211/16 11:02am
What Pokemon should I start? (no spoilers, just votes please)
DeltaBladeX1011/14 6:26pm
Adam Savage trying out his new fur suit
DeltaBladeX111/12 4:22am
Got my PlayStation Classic hacked now
DeltaBladeX2711/07 11:45pm
I bought wasabi Doritos
DeltaBladeX1410/30 1:37am
Got Nintendo support to delink my NNID to move it to a new system
DeltaBladeX610/25 4:31pm
Are you getting The Outer Worlds?
DeltaBladeX3410/24 10:33pm
Super Mario Maker 3DS worth playing?
DeltaBladeX610/21 5:02pm
I think I need an HDMI hub, who does good ones?
DeltaBladeX410/18 8:23am
I think I might try bidding on a cheap PS Classic
DeltaBladeX1910/17 11:41pm
Weird question - Anyone know Steam games that include ROM files in the purchase?
DeltaBladeX810/13 5:01pm
What games do the various fast food companies have?
DeltaBladeX410/12 8:39pm
Today was my birthday
DeltaBladeX1510/12 2:02am
Free game time - Princess Remedy 2: In A Heap of Trouble (Steam)
DeltaBladeX310/11 11:42pm
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