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I wish I knew how many of these topics I've done now
DeltaBladeX35308/12 7:06am
A Total War Saga: Troy (Epic) will be free to claim for 24 hours on the 13th
DeltaBladeX308/12 7:06am
Damn it, back to quarantine with me -_-
DeltaBladeX808/11 6:08pm
Poor Guile isn't doing well in quarantine
DeltaBladeX508/11 2:54pm
This is totally a controller through the screen moment
DeltaBladeX1408/09 2:25am
Free F1 2018 (Steam) on Humble Bundle site
DeltaBladeX508/08 2:42am
What would you say is the rarest video game you own?
DeltaBladeX7708/01 8:30pm
I bought Dead or Alive 5 (PS3) today since I was in the mood for the series
DeltaBladeX2108/01 7:44pm
Anyone able to help me identify a couple of games from a photo?
DeltaBladeX2607/31 7:42pm
This is why New Zealand had such an easy time with Covid19
DeltaBladeX707/31 6:24am
Post a game title to describe the above users love life, or what you think it is
DeltaBladeX3607/30 3:44pm
Today is shitpost day on Imgur
DeltaBladeX707/29 8:22pm
Don't forget the Steam summer sale cards will expire in 3 weeks
DeltaBladeX1307/27 12:13am
I did not know there was a Pepsi Woman
DeltaBladeX507/26 8:43am
Found Season 1 and 2 of RvB on DVD today
DeltaBladeX207/23 10:17am
I have over 800 PS3 games
DeltaBladeX1007/22 7:57pm
Should I grab Far Cry 4 on PS4?
DeltaBladeX107/21 12:35am
Free Warhammer game on GOG
DeltaBladeX507/18 10:27pm
Question for those who buy Steam bundles
DeltaBladeX507/18 3:48am
What were the available characters in the Street Fighter IV base game?
DeltaBladeX1607/15 12:11pm
I finally own all the important Walking Dead games
DeltaBladeX107/15 5:42am
Have you beaten Battleborn yet? Only 6 months left to do so.
DeltaBladeX1807/08 9:29am
Dreamed about playing a game that does't exist
DeltaBladeX1107/03 3:28am
I feel like crap and will just be clicking through the story in one of these
DeltaBladeX606/28 7:19pm
Technically all of this is food
DeltaBladeX3306/26 10:05pm
Relevant to poll - How much have you spent in Steam?
DeltaBladeX3806/25 1:56pm
I'm bored, share your recent game purchases so people can tell you they suck
DeltaBladeX1106/25 4:33am
Going to play a game in bed, first user can pick which
DeltaBladeX506/22 10:38pm
Topic for anyone who bought that $5 bundle with over 1000 games
DeltaBladeX706/21 10:04pm
Free stuff to get you through quarantine
DeltaBladeX27006/20 2:49pm
So there is a petition for the UK to declare war on New Zealand
DeltaBladeX2006/17 4:54pm
[FREE][GOG] The Witcher 3 - if you own it on a connected platform (PS, XB, PC)
DeltaBladeX1506/17 5:49am
Went garage sale hunting, found a nice Switch carry case
DeltaBladeX1006/13 9:21pm
Mega Drive or Genesis?
DeltaBladeX1906/13 2:44am
Got a screen with sound again, time to go through new games and see what to play
DeltaBladeX606/12 12:00am
Fuck I'm bored, rate my new shit
DeltaBladeX806/09 2:11am
For the Sega fans`
DeltaBladeX3206/04 8:01pm
Think of a game before entering this topic
DeltaBladeX1506/04 1:50am
Probably the worst image I'll see today
DeltaBladeX505/26 9:12pm
Cheesecake topic
DeltaBladeX1305/26 2:17am
I started Rad
DeltaBladeX705/23 12:04pm
Ass ass ass
DeltaBladeX1005/22 7:25pm
Cool, second hand stores are open again, got new DVDs today
DeltaBladeX205/18 7:15pm
You guys should give me all your Steam trading cards
DeltaBladeX705/17 9:29pm
I just noticed I've been using Steam for almost 10 years
DeltaBladeX4605/17 5:51pm
Toy Story
DeltaBladeX105/16 4:40pm
Time for walkies
DeltaBladeX205/14 1:47pm
Anyone want to tell me what Samus is saying?
DeltaBladeX1505/14 7:34am
Can't wait for the Microsoft poll
DeltaBladeX105/11 3:48pm
I never knew there was a TF2 comic
DeltaBladeX105/10 5:18pm
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