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What new musics you been liking CE?
Dakimakura906/19 11:35pm
I was looking at new COVID cases for my county. Most days have under 10, but...
Dakimakura406/19 4:20pm
Pretty much all my switch games are ports or remakes.
Dakimakura1106/19 3:45pm
Don't ever fall in love CE.
Dakimakura206/16 8:09pm
Was there no Animal Crossing stuff on Nintendo Direct?
Dakimakura206/15 1:21pm
What were your favorite cartoons as a kid that don't get much appriciation now?
Dakimakura3206/11 3:43am
A study found that vaccinated people are 69% more likely to breed mommy milkers.
Dakimakura406/09 6:01pm
What do you do when you have fallen for another?
Dakimakura506/07 12:23pm
I just spent all my money on dog coins
Dakimakura1006/05 12:15pm
I went over to the r34 to look at tentacle stuff and literally every post is Sam
Dakimakura206/04 5:07pm
What name should today be given?
Dakimakura106/03 7:45pm
The Office probably would suck if it was made in modern times.
Dakimakura805/31 4:06pm
I discovered this podcast called 'The Joe Rogan Experience.'
Dakimakura1105/31 11:41am
Remember when Scientology was the cult everyone was concerned about.
Dakimakura205/30 12:28am
CE have you ever DRIBBLED!?!?!
Dakimakura405/29 5:28pm
Among Us currently free
Dakimakura1005/28 10:02pm
hey CE shut up
Dakimakura105/28 7:25pm
what currency should they put Trumps face on?
Dakimakura5305/27 6:43pm
What are some great things about being a man?
Dakimakura3905/27 12:35am
People who recently bought dogecoin
Dakimakura105/24 3:18pm
Why come the media don't talk about the stuff they don't talk about?
Dakimakura705/23 9:06pm
Have you ever joined a Discord and saw old messages talking shit about you?
Dakimakura2805/23 4:21pm
Customer Reviews on items are 100% useless right?
Dakimakura705/22 6:00pm
These taxes are killing me.
Dakimakura105/20 7:50pm
Big tiddy Reaper in HotS now.
Dakimakura205/18 9:35pm
I started doing yoga today.
Dakimakura405/17 7:03pm
Where is the best place to find dealz on computer chairs?
Dakimakura105/16 10:26pm
She says 'I'll use this right away, ugly!'
Dakimakura305/16 2:28pm
America is doing a poor job on terrorism.
Dakimakura105/15 9:30pm
Mask are over CE, how do you feel about this?
Dakimakura1105/15 8:19pm
I wish there was some Gen Z posters on this website to teach us how to be cool.
Dakimakura605/15 12:13pm
How do you feel about Man boobs?
Dakimakura705/14 8:01pm
Pokemon Shield expansion pass worth?
Dakimakura1405/14 12:46am
What female has the sexiest regular speaking voice?
Dakimakura2705/12 5:50pm
Let's get back to work America!
Dakimakura105/12 5:45pm
How do so many people like watching the Comic book hero movies?
Dakimakura205/11 9:37pm
Anyone ever put frosting in their hot chocolate?
Dakimakura405/09 9:41pm
I haven't been keeping up, are the Indians pissed off?
Dakimakura605/09 6:39pm
I heard that the dodge coin fell in price.
Dakimakura405/09 6:06pm
I am currently actively playing 3 different MMO-RPGS
Dakimakura305/07 5:38pm
1 Million Dollars but now your name is Donald J. Trump
Dakimakura305/04 7:53pm
There is a new Hearthstone patch out
Dakimakura405/04 3:02pm
Homelander is the only good guy in 'The Boys' (spoilers)
Dakimakura405/02 9:49pm
Republicans played themselves
Dakimakura3205/02 4:34pm
I am torn CE, what console should I get?
Dakimakura1705/01 5:34pm
What do you call photography featuring naked people?
Dakimakura2404/29 9:35pm
Impeach Biden, peach AOC
Dakimakura404/29 4:02pm
Overwatch gave Mei an interesting new hair style
Dakimakura904/28 2:50pm
What has the most games available to play for less money Playstation or XBOX?
Dakimakura404/28 1:51pm
Am I allowed to do drugs immediatley after getting the vaccine?
Dakimakura804/27 7:58pm
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