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shitty gundam topic 8: so unbelievably mad right now
ConfusedTorchic9312/01 1:02am
cherry 7-up is vile
ConfusedTorchic1311/30 2:30pm
i think dragonball should have a series showing vegeta and bulma getting togethe
ConfusedTorchic711/30 2:27pm
i prefer to drain all the water from my ramen before adding the salt powder
ConfusedTorchic2911/29 7:13am
i'm not cut out for usable model making
ConfusedTorchic3111/28 4:41am
miracle whip >> mayonnaise
ConfusedTorchic1711/25 6:58pm
i don't like mario rpg
ConfusedTorchic3911/25 9:31am
it's crazy that delphi is still an active site
ConfusedTorchic1111/24 10:07pm
the oregon trail is actually the first ever roguelike
ConfusedTorchic4011/21 4:18pm
digimon world 5
ConfusedTorchic1711/20 6:01pm
overhead projectors are cool
ConfusedTorchic111/19 12:19am
can we all collectively revolt against americas health insurance companies
ConfusedTorchic2611/18 3:40am
avi arad as the producer of the zelda movie doesn't inspire confidence
ConfusedTorchic2111/17 2:50am
sometimes i feel like no one understands what percentile means and we all just
ConfusedTorchic2511/16 3:59pm
orange cats should be a specific breed of cat by themselves
ConfusedTorchic811/11 4:52pm
oh fuck invincible season 2 started
ConfusedTorchic811/11 1:48pm
i have watched the third antman movie
ConfusedTorchic1511/10 8:45am
i do not understand which game is which and where in the yakuza series
ConfusedTorchic811/09 1:47pm
so how did cloud become a professional dancer and learn the dance routine
ConfusedTorchic1811/09 7:07am
why do banks close so fuckin early
ConfusedTorchic3711/08 4:06pm
fingers are technically tentacles
ConfusedTorchic811/08 8:55am
why is pants referred to as a pair
ConfusedTorchic1811/08 7:38am
mfer wrote a 2nd cinder spires book instead of dresden 18
ConfusedTorchic111/08 1:22am
guardians 3 is fucked up
ConfusedTorchic1911/05 4:41pm
i watched the 2nd spiderverse movie
ConfusedTorchic1611/05 2:45pm
"children should be seen, not heard" - ronald mcdonald
ConfusedTorchic911/05 2:13pm
matthew lillard fuckin carried those two scooby movies on his shoulders
ConfusedTorchic2711/03 1:13am
the little bag of skittles gummies are a better value than the lifesavers gummie
ConfusedTorchic511/02 9:45am
i finally hit diamond in 3's
ConfusedTorchic111/02 1:33am
miles >>>>>> peter
ConfusedTorchic3911/01 3:48pm
i was playing spider-man 2 and my ps5 shut off
ConfusedTorchic1911/01 2:24am
that nic cage freddy five night movie is a better freddy five night movie
ConfusedTorchic2810/30 10:35pm
the sunchips bag isn't loud enough
ConfusedTorchic410/30 1:47pm
bears are just dogs with cat hardware
ConfusedTorchic410/29 8:56am
cities skylines 2 just straight up is not playable on my computer
ConfusedTorchic1310/27 5:24pm
remember when disney tried to make their own version of king kong
ConfusedTorchic810/27 11:41am
sometimes i think malware just makes itself
ConfusedTorchic1010/26 2:48pm
canonically, diggersby is male lopunny
ConfusedTorchic1010/26 7:09am
one thing i like about oem pcs, from like hp or something
ConfusedTorchic210/26 6:11am
son of the mask should have brought back stanley ipkiss
ConfusedTorchic1310/25 7:11pm
who makes the clip art
ConfusedTorchic810/24 7:32pm
ConfusedTorchic1010/23 10:55pm
youtube is just getting absolutely destroyed by the community and the media
ConfusedTorchic5610/19 10:31am
the meat in spam is "pork with ham meat", what does that even mean
ConfusedTorchic810/18 9:03am
does anyone even know that loki season 2 started lmao
ConfusedTorchic1310/15 4:55pm
anyone else remember those orbits, idk if gum or plane, minigame ads?
ConfusedTorchic410/05 9:59pm
eight seven seven
ConfusedTorchic1310/03 4:19am
it looks like jim ryan bet his job that he could stop msft from buying abk
ConfusedTorchic109/28 4:12am
helly gundam topic probably like 6 or 7
ConfusedTorchic5909/24 7:18am
what makes shit a worse word that poop
ConfusedTorchic1209/19 11:07am
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