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I'm not bi!
Claude_Frollo4605/09 1:49am
ITT: Post and I'll give you theme music.
Claude_Frollo3405/07 3:34pm
Damn it I got infected with a virus and need help.
Claude_Frollo805/04 10:35pm
Going to UF orientation tomorrow.
Claude_Frollo605/04 5:31pm
WSJ = Wall Street Journal
Claude_Frollo905/03 7:03pm
Heard a guy shit talking by saying he was gonna "rape your corpse".
Claude_Frollo705/03 4:28pm
I may not be able to go to UF despite all my efforts.
Claude_Frollo405/02 10:00pm
Gee, it sure is BORING around here.
Claude_Frollo605/01 4:57pm
I'm curious to see Nye's response to the almost universal scorn for his show.
Claude_Frollo5905/01 4:15pm
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament - PotD Prix Sign-Ups Open!
Claude_Frollo3604/30 8:51am
I finally gave in to my inner urges and said "Fuck it."
Claude_Frollo604/29 9:20pm
I don't know how I'll be able to adjust to dorm life.
Claude_Frollo504/29 11:54am
Screw Antifa, BAMN seems to be worse.
Claude_Frollo604/28 10:29pm
240.2 Ibs, 5'10
Claude_Frollo6104/28 11:57am
Claude_Frollo1304/28 11:38am
Squidward in Super Mario 64
Claude_Frollo104/28 11:19am
I did it!! I got accepted into UF AGAIN!!! YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!
Claude_Frollo5104/28 12:31am
I'm not sure if I'm being paranoid or not...
Claude_Frollo204/27 10:14pm
How come videos don't keep playing when I open new tabs?
Claude_Frollo104/27 5:34pm
Wait a minute. Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Bill O'Reilly...
Claude_Frollo1304/27 4:07am
Is it wrong for me to pet the neighbor's cat?
Claude_Frollo1004/27 12:32am
My right thigh has been sore for the past few days.
Claude_Frollo1004/26 11:42pm
Barack Obama orchestrated the conspiracy against Bill O'Reilly.
Claude_Frollo804/26 8:04pm
TIL Popeye got cancelled for the Emoji movie.
Claude_Frollo604/26 12:51pm
Scientists have allegedly found a way to create artificial photosynthesis.
Claude_Frollo904/25 11:17pm
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament - PotD Prix Sign-Ups
Claude_Frollo804/24 9:46pm
The SJWs at Yale have made their assault on Samurai Jack.
Claude_Frollo904/24 9:38pm
This man looks so inconvenienced by the riot happening around him.
Claude_Frollo604/24 4:40pm
r/cringe has me in hysterics.
Claude_Frollo1804/24 2:33am
So I have to watch one of the following films for my cinema class.
Claude_Frollo304/23 10:22pm
Is there any way for me to recover an unsaved document after I closed it?
Claude_Frollo604/23 9:48pm
You ever tell an off-color joke in front of the person most vulnerable to it?
Claude_Frollo2004/23 7:53pm
Got hit by a painfully awkward memory just now.
Claude_Frollo204/23 2:16am
What the heck kind of fruit is this?
Claude_Frollo1204/23 1:21am
Is there a level of unattractiveness at which you would not fuck a person...
Claude_Frollo804/22 8:43pm
That feeling when you're nursing your wounds and you realize that...
Claude_Frollo204/22 10:44am
When I die, I want my body stuffed like taxidermy.
Claude_Frollo904/21 11:45pm
How come some links work and others don't?
Claude_Frollo504/21 1:53am
I've let myself be used as an instrument for evil.
Claude_Frollo504/21 1:08am
TIL that Pikmin 2 has a marijuana leaf as treasure.
Claude_Frollo304/20 5:59pm
Had a mildly homoerotic dream last night.
Claude_Frollo204/20 5:45pm
So about the recent Berkeley riot...
Claude_Frollo7204/19 7:44pm
The neighbor's cat has taken up sleeping on my car at night.
Claude_Frollo404/19 1:43am
It's a shame the second-best Disney villain song is so unknown.
Claude_Frollo704/19 12:11am
ITT: Post and I'll assign you a dog breed.
Claude_Frollo4704/18 9:35pm
This man helps an old lady cross the street. Truly heartwarming.
Claude_Frollo104/18 1:46pm
Roses are red, violets are blue...
Claude_Frollo1704/18 1:31pm
I wonder if I'll ever have another friend.
Claude_Frollo3304/18 1:03am
Trump is reminded to be patriotic.
Claude_Frollo1304/17 7:23pm
Don't you just hate voice cracks?
Claude_Frollo1604/17 3:32pm
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