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Pete Buttigieg really is the worst kind of weasel imho
Balrog0312/13 3:59pm
Did all the topics about Buttigieg and his consulting already happen and die off
Balrog0212/12 3:47pm
what are some switch single player games i should dig into
Balrog0112/12 12:25pm
Ah man i realized today my life philosophy is shaped by FFIX/spoilers
Balrog0812/10 8:29pm
insurance rejects mans $35k bill due to pre-existing conditions
Balrog06411/26 12:56am
What are the best local multiplayer games on Switch iyo?
Balrog01411/25 1:10pm
Bloomberg is (un)officially in. Largest single week ad buy in political history
Balrog0111/22 4:44pm
at what point do we stop letting public officials 'evolve' on the issues?
Balrog0611/22 4:15pm
a national publication is gonna reprint a policy brief I wrote in their magazine
Balrog0111/20 9:51am
Why did Angela deserve a happy ending in the office?
Balrog05311/18 12:25pm
Should I get sword or shield?
Balrog0211/16 2:05pm
I turned 30 today, ce
Balrog01711/16 11:57am
Little Rock teacher's union went on strike today
Balrog0211/14 2:48pm
Deval Patrick is gonna run for president
Balrog0111/13 5:27pm
prepping to be the token liberal on a panel about state taxes next week
Balrog0211/13 2:55pm
Ayanna Pressley endorses Warren
Balrog04511/09 2:27am
Y'all remember the Duggars? One of them is running for office in Arkansas
Balrog0711/07 1:35pm
my gfs flight home got delayed so I have another evening to myself
Balrog01411/06 11:07pm
Missed my connecting flight so I'm drinking at the airport
Balrog0511/04 2:16pm
wow this is some next level gerrymandering
Balrog0410/31 4:45pm
What's a good game to play for Halloween?
Balrog0710/31 4:32pm
I don't think my gf is cut out for higher education but idk how to discuss that
Balrog02110/31 2:45pm
Harris slashing staff due to poor fundraising
Balrog0210/31 9:59am
fuck man I dont wanna work today
Balrog02610/30 9:08am
Bernie Sanders: respect the police so that you don't get shot
Balrog01510/29 2:31pm
Is CE still playing MTG: Arena at all? I started drafting again
Balrog0110/29 9:50am
cory booker is pretty good on criminal justice reform
Balrog0410/28 4:22pm
What other racing games are there like RC Pro-Am?
Balrog01110/28 12:58pm
I have this room for 2 more hours and I have too many beers to carry with me
Balrog0710/26 11:53am
my flight leaves at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning
Balrog01610/23 3:17pm
are you familiar with the term tall boy to refer to a tall can of beer?
Balrog03010/22 12:12pm
huh so less than two years ago Buttigieg supported Medicare for All apparently
Balrog02310/19 9:53am
I forgot the debate was last night. Who did CE think did well?
Balrog0710/16 11:35pm
How weird is it that I haven't decorated my office? Everyone thinks its weird
Balrog01510/16 4:29pm
implying anything is the fault of white terrorism is racially offensive
Balrog05610/15 5:26pm
Is it normal to become very uneasy when you experience deja vu?
Balrog0910/11 2:54pm
Watching season 9 of the office, lots of issues tbh spoilers
Balrog0710/11 12:30am
Im afraid I'm gonna look stupid as the token liberaat this tax policy conference
Balrog0710/10 11:31pm
Someone (Warren) is ahead of Biden in aggregated polls for the first time
Balrog01410/10 1:40pm
we've got to watch one of my sister in law's foster kids this weekend
Balrog0110/10 11:28am
The delivery person was a girl I went to hs with, that's never happen before
Balrog0610/09 8:45pm
does anyone else kind of hate traveling?
Balrog01910/05 1:27pm
I met Keith Ellison on an elevator this morning
Balrog0410/04 1:12pm
I'm at a national conference for work. Lots more socialists than years past
Balrog020710/04 9:53am
Biden is only up about 2 pts over Warren; he's behind her in most recent polls
Balrog0510/03 11:40am
So what does CE think of Gov. John Bel Edwards of Louisiana? Conservative dem
Balrog01110/01 1:01pm
Lol my mom said she is gonna vote for yang
Balrog01309/29 11:39pm
The communications director of the state republican party called me this weekend
Balrog0409/29 10:19pm
my wife's unfaithful coworkers: part the third
Balrog02809/27 7:31am
The census data on income and poverty was real bad for my state.
Balrog0609/26 4:09pm
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