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Remember when Seth Rogen was the Green Hornet?
Balrog01907/03 11:49pm
So covid is spiking nation wide... Why?
Balrog041707/03 11:01am
People are editing Kamala Harris's wiki to make her look better
Balrog03307/03 5:24am
Man this board gives me no joy lately
Balrog02107/03 4:30am
How are your fitness goals coming along, CE? Part III
Balrog050007/01 9:32pm
Are there any good coop FPS games on switch?
Balrog0206/30 7:12pm
What 80s action movie do I watch next?
Balrog04706/28 6:55am
MTG Arena M21 is live
Balrog0606/25 3:06pm
What are some good holiday-themed games/games for the holidays
Balrog0206/24 6:14pm
I watched Bloodsport for the first time last night *spoilers*
Balrog0506/24 10:33am
Just assume I'm a welcher if I ever bet my account
Balrog0706/23 10:57pm
I'm about to play adventure time: pirates of the enchiridion
Balrog0306/23 9:49am
Any of y'all ready for a light gun that works on modern TV's?
Balrog05006/21 1:04am
Just finished rewatching Wilfred (US), do you remember this show? Spoilers
Balrog0406/20 4:14pm
Watching shazam, never seen a DC movie
Balrog03106/16 5:52am
Rewatching Wilfred (US) *spoilers*
Balrog0106/14 10:43pm
Huh so folx vs folks is a thing?
Balrog0506/13 2:25pm
MTG Arena: Cube draft is live!
Balrog01006/13 12:07am
Fuck my racist family pisses me off
Balrog01406/12 3:10pm
Does parks and rec hold up?
Balrog0906/12 6:19am
I met Keith Ellison once
Balrog0106/09 11:59pm
It's like you get old overnight, other 30+ cemen notice that?
Balrog01406/08 1:45am
Should I buy outer worlds on switch?
Balrog01406/07 10:46pm
Rewatching the marvel Netflix shows, damn they got bad
Balrog01606/07 5:52pm
I thought Seth rogen movies were more successful
Balrog0106/04 8:50am
I just got invited to write an article for a real estate trade publication
Balrog0206/03 2:38pm
Senate Democrats introduce legislation to end qualified immunity
Balrog01606/03 2:36pm
Watching the marvel Netflix shows by season in release order
Balrog0406/01 12:21am
How are your fitness goals coming along ce? II
Balrog050005/28 8:30pm
I don't think I'm emotionally mature enough for competitive gaming
Balrog0505/27 7:11pm
I'm interested in several Quibi shows, but no streaming on TV...
Balrog0305/27 8:57am
Remember those marvel Netflix shows?
Balrog04205/25 9:21am
What games should me and the boys play at our next LAN party?
Balrog02205/25 1:08am
Man I miss Community
Balrog01605/23 1:06pm
About to fire up AC: Black Flag for the first time
Balrog03905/23 6:45am
How do y'all feel about Bomberman?
Balrog04605/21 4:43pm
Check out this evil landlord
Balrog05505/20 5:13pm
Playing through Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Balrog03505/18 9:31am
That metal topic died?
Balrog02005/15 5:42pm
You know what I kinda feel like playing TTYD
Balrog0105/14 4:20pm
Should I play Assassin's Creed Black Flag or Rogue?
Balrog03305/13 8:41pm
Anyone still playing MTG Arena? I like this Godzilla themed set
Balrog0705/13 12:06am
White house: stimulus checks paid by SS cuts*
Balrog02405/12 12:09pm
What are the best GTA-style games?
Balrog04905/12 2:31am
Man I feel a hard nostalgia to replay the Banjo Kazooie games
Balrog01105/11 10:45pm
What are the assassin's creed games like?
Balrog03205/11 1:59pm
Got a bunch of old strategy guides out of storage
Balrog01805/10 7:01pm
Imo unpaid internships are fine
Balrog011105/08 7:46pm
What is the best Rankin/bass Christmas song iyo?
Balrog0605/07 4:23pm
How is the PS Vita? Any recommended exclusives?
Balrog03605/07 9:12am
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