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Anyone still unemployed?
AreteWastrel1210/18 11:57pm
Man is relegated to the friendzone in real time (dating game)
AreteWastrel508/16 11:28am Topic
AreteWastrel1106/19 2:18am
People don't like Space Force?
AreteWastrel5106/05 3:33pm
This site sucks
AreteWastrel206/01 7:21pm
My mom wants me to sign up for this app that tells her my location all the time
AreteWastrel610/31 7:42pm
I always feel like "damn I really wasted my life not honing my skills"
AreteWastrel1307/10 1:05am
Is it moddable to ask for the site with recently archived CE topics?
AreteWastrel1303/12 11:41am
Im so pissed at myself for caring so much about a girl that thinks nothing of me
AreteWastrel4603/10 4:45pm
This girl got me in my feelings and I hate it
AreteWastrel1002/17 9:14pm
The girl that youve been simping over likely has been fucked by a handful of ons
AreteWastrel602/04 3:48am
Everyone I meet in their mid-20s is emotionally broken but I can't relate at all
AreteWastrel1411/26 12:00pm
Is it weird that porn just kinda makes me depressed nowadays?
AreteWastrel311/17 5:21pm
Study that shows the occurrence/frequency of female orgasm is related to...
AreteWastrel1809/07 5:56pm
Dating pool for young men in 2018
AreteWastrel4207/27 5:37pm
I hate it when people say they don't know if they're attractive or not
AreteWastrel207/23 2:07pm
It's kinda wild how women age a lot less gracefully than men, why is that?
AreteWastrel3307/21 11:44am
There's a whole subreddit dedicated to Asian guys that are bitter about...
AreteWastrel8407/21 11:40am
Pump and dump is probably the funniest variation of hit it and quit it
AreteWastrel507/21 1:23am
I've been reading a lot of stories about cheating gfs and it makes me sorry for
AreteWastrel607/19 3:34pm
I just measured myself with a tape measure and I'm 6'11.5"...
AreteWastrel1807/18 10:09pm
Do all Celebrity sex tapes suck?
AreteWastrel4507/13 11:39pm
Anyone on this board doing nof** right now?
AreteWastrel707/12 8:54pm
Anyone here read The Rational Male?
AreteWastrel507/06 3:25pm
r/smalldickproblems has to be the biggest pity party on the internet.
AreteWastrel2407/03 10:46pm
I've just accepted that I'll be the type of guy that girls settle down with
AreteWastrel1606/13 1:07pm
Good resources to read up on Kegel Exercises?
AreteWastrel205/28 10:31am
I've been reading a lot of stuff on r/TheRedPill and r/Seduction lately
AreteWastrel11005/27 6:08am
Is GameFAQs gonna do anything about the image embedding problem?
AreteWastrel905/26 8:39am
Rate this girl/10, CE
AreteWastrel1405/26 2:55am
Apparently it's bad to sleep faced down?
AreteWastrel1205/25 12:01pm
Why do people care what Elon Musk says again?
AreteWastrel105/25 10:43am
Are you happy with the size of your penis?
AreteWastrel7205/25 10:08am
I wonder how it feels to know you have some poor sap wrapped around your finger
AreteWastrel205/24 10:33pm
How do you get over thinking a girl is out of your league?
AreteWastrel3505/06 3:21pm
Any advice for someone that profusely sweats under their armpits
AreteWastrel1103/30 11:00am
CE I need advice, how do you stop thinking about a girl
AreteWastrel2103/30 10:59am
Why is porn so damn loud?
AreteWastrel203/28 6:31pm
Pokemon Center just released a line of Litten clothes (Shirts/Cap/Hoodie)
AreteWastrel403/28 1:09pm
Do sigs even matter anymore?
AreteWastrel1203/28 1:03pm
What is the best website on the internet?
AreteWastrel703/28 12:26pm
Penis size topic
AreteWastrel1703/18 9:26pm
I'm pretty disappointed in myself for catching feelings...
AreteWastrel1602/18 2:43pm
Does a girl's body count matter to you?
AreteWastrel6802/13 10:57pm
CEmen/CEgal Biography Topic
AreteWastrel4212/01 12:28am
Is 8 inches actually considered big?
AreteWastrel1211/30 12:59pm
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