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Pi Day and Einstein's birthday
Anti-245203/14 12:35pm
Should the Mike Toreno Character make another appearance in the gta franchise?
Anti-245201/04 7:47pm
San Andreas
Anti-2451901/04 7:42pm
The decadence of Western Culture
Anti-245301/04 2:35pm
Mean Johnny Barrows
Anti-245101/01 9:57pm
Jan 1st, 1959 marked the end to Batista's reign in Cuba.
Anti-2451501/01 1:44pm
GTA: San Andreas
Anti-2451012/30 1:10pm
German revolution of 1918-1919
Anti-245112/27 1:31pm
Baking cakes
Anti-245112/26 1:03pm
Anti-2451312/24 11:29pm
Abraham Lincoln on racial equality
Anti-2454512/22 6:07pm
Turkey or ham
Anti-245412/22 4:11am
Myths about the war of 1812
Anti-2452012/21 4:49pm
Myths about WW2
Anti-2453212/20 4:32am
American consumerist mentality
Anti-245112/20 12:14am
Myths about the american revolutionary war
Anti-245812/19 5:50am
Does homophobia have a link to misogyny?
Anti-2451212/18 2:32pm
Anti-2451712/18 1:52am
Anti-24510112/17 6:29pm
Anti-245612/17 7:36am
Bush Sr or Clinton
Anti-245412/16 9:47pm
Anti-aging or FTL travel
Anti-245412/16 7:28pm
GTA San Andreas is better than GTA IV and V
Anti-2453712/16 6:29pm
American Revolution vs French Revolution vs Haitian Revolution
Anti-245512/16 9:22am
Martin Luther King jr. Or Malcolm X
Anti-245412/16 2:26am
Jim Carrey Grinch
Anti-2451512/16 12:21am
First contact
Anti-245412/14 10:29pm
Politics board
Anti-2452412/14 8:59am
Climate Change
Anti-245312/13 7:54pm
Trump is the most American president since Reagan
Anti-2451312/11 2:11am
Weird Sciemce
Anti-245112/09 6:01pm
Anti-2451112/09 12:15am
Jurassic World: Evolution
Anti-2451812/08 11:02pm
Non-theistic Afterlife
Anti-245412/08 7:24pm
America in 2018
Anti-245612/07 7:48pm
Outrage Culture
Anti-245512/07 5:36pm
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