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Tall but small or short but big
AngryGrandpa904/23 12:25am
Why do old people hate black clothing?
AngryGrandpa604/21 8:37pm
Lord forgive me but...
AngryGrandpa404/19 1:26am
What are the best type of shorts for men?
AngryGrandpa904/14 10:22pm
Would your rather date a hot nurse or a hot veterinarian?
AngryGrandpa1904/14 8:59pm
List stores that girls love
AngryGrandpa1204/09 12:14am
Is being depressed a good excuse to not be working
AngryGrandpa1504/08 8:28pm
How long did you have your current cellphone number for?
AngryGrandpa2204/03 12:21am
My neighbor had a row of trees he cut down by my house
AngryGrandpa903/27 6:53pm
Would you rather take a freezing cold shower or burning hot?
AngryGrandpa803/27 2:19pm
Windows XP
AngryGrandpa1003/27 4:51am
How old was your dad when you were born?
AngryGrandpa7003/26 12:28pm
I hate when bands say we will never go back to our old sound
AngryGrandpa203/25 3:58am
Deodorant is trash
AngryGrandpa2003/21 9:49am
Do you have a favorite moisturizer?
AngryGrandpa703/17 3:29am
Describe your favorite weather
AngryGrandpa2503/09 8:13pm
It was my fault why my friend died
AngryGrandpa1203/07 7:08pm
Is living in your 30s more fun than living in your 20s?
AngryGrandpa1503/04 4:26pm
Describe what your life was like 10 years ago and what it's like now
AngryGrandpa1502/28 8:56pm
Women look more attractive when they wear vans shoes
AngryGrandpa302/28 12:13am
I put my dog up for adoption
AngryGrandpa502/24 6:16pm
Foods that make you gag
AngryGrandpa3202/24 5:53pm
Post a pic of your ultimate celebrity crush and I'll rate them
AngryGrandpa1702/24 1:20am
Did you ever see your pet get euthanized?
AngryGrandpa3602/22 8:25am
What are the best years of life?
AngryGrandpa102/21 6:38pm
Greatest feeling in the world?
AngryGrandpa4002/20 2:03pm
Your mom borrows $1000 from you
AngryGrandpa1502/17 2:20am
Under which president had the best music releases?
AngryGrandpa902/16 1:17am
Would you date a 21 year old that's been in 25 failed relationships?
AngryGrandpa602/14 9:27pm
Do you look tough?
AngryGrandpa1102/14 5:23pm
Does your significant other have any tattoos?
AngryGrandpa101/28 12:46am
I eat fast food 10 times a week
AngryGrandpa401/23 12:49am
Favorite Mythbuster?
AngryGrandpa2201/01 10:05pm
You're sick and you're at the doctors
AngryGrandpa512/28 4:45am
What's your favorite favorite painkiller?
AngryGrandpa2912/25 2:15pm
What's more manly?
AngryGrandpa1012/22 7:59pm
Name a smell you can't go wrong with
AngryGrandpa612/21 7:03pm
The 2000s had the best music
AngryGrandpa312/12 10:29am
Which type of famous person would you choose to be?
AngryGrandpa1112/03 12:01am
Remember Beetlejuice? The black dude
AngryGrandpa811/24 2:24am
Out of my favorites foods; which is your favorite?
AngryGrandpa1011/21 1:14am
Do you ever think "I wasted my time browsing the boards on gamefaqs"
AngryGrandpa1011/19 7:49pm
You're on your death bed and you can have any band come visit you
AngryGrandpa911/17 11:02pm
What are some things you hope to do/accomplish in 2019?
AngryGrandpa311/16 3:28am
A band that's been around for 10 years; how many albums should they have?
AngryGrandpa1311/15 8:56pm
If people came with Warning Labels
AngryGrandpa811/07 11:41pm
Sounds you find annoying
AngryGrandpa6011/03 2:37pm
Would you rather be sexy with a boring personality or ugly
AngryGrandpa1210/21 7:46pm
Anyone miss the 2000s?
AngryGrandpa310/20 12:15am
15 million dollars but your erect penis becomes the size of your pointer finger
AngryGrandpa610/19 5:47pm
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