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My W key keeps popping off my keyboard
Alpha218106/20 2:18pm
YES Metroid Dread
Alpha2182906/17 8:40pm
Xbox and chill
Alpha218206/13 2:33pm
Griefers in Don't Starve Together
Alpha218306/03 8:32am
Don't Starve Together
Alpha2181005/27 10:21am
Returnal looks really cool as a Roguelike fan
Alpha218705/08 3:55pm
Northernlion has so much wholesome dad energy now.
Alpha218104/24 2:46pm
What's a good DPI for FPS?
Alpha2181904/04 7:03pm
Among Us is getting a new map today
Alpha2182104/01 1:17pm
Any way to fix audio desync in a Nvidia Shadowplay clip?
Alpha218403/29 4:56pm
Crash 4 makes my completionist self cry.
Alpha2185803/23 12:42pm
Why is Louis DeJoy still Postmaster General?
Alpha218502/08 11:10am
John Fetterman running for PA Senate seat in 2022
Alpha218502/08 10:55am
Apex Legends Season 8 Gamplay Trailer
Alpha218101/26 1:38pm
Impeachment trial of Ex-President Trump set to begin Feb. 9
Alpha2182401/25 6:38pm
For those complaining about the president being "censored"
Alpha218301/09 6:40pm
New Jersey people: register to reserve your spot for covid vaccine
Alpha218301/05 10:40am
Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny dupes spy into saying how he was poison
Alpha218512/21 3:39pm
Turnout on the first day of Georgia runoff early voting is UP from last time
Alpha2182412/20 1:13am
Just played an Apex game where my teammate said RPAN was the best way to stream
Alpha218512/19 9:07pm
Turnout on the 1st day of Georgia runoff early voting is UP from last time
Alpha2181212/17 4:01pm
Having a high DPI on your home computer, then coming into work...
Alpha218412/14 8:58am
Post pics of your gaming setup
Alpha2183712/10 12:04am
Lifetime and KFC partner for a new movie
Alpha2182312/07 10:23pm
You may not like it, but this is what optimal shooting form looks like
Alpha218112/06 4:59pm
Post what's in your clipboard (nothing moddable, obviously)
Alpha218411/29 11:39pm
Dear Liberals
Alpha2183111/24 2:33pm
Just bought like $2k worth of computer parts
Alpha2181011/23 8:40pm
Remember Hunter Biden's laptop?
Alpha2182711/19 3:41pm
Obama Says Congress Lack of Action After Sandy Hook 'Angriest' Day of His Pres.
Alpha2181611/14 10:09am
I... I am The Mainstream Media, Realizes Horrified Tucker Carlson[Satire]
Alpha218511/12 8:38am
This is what chemtrails does to a man
Alpha218211/10 9:19am
House candidate Errol Webber wants a recount
Alpha218711/09 10:29pm
House candidate Errol Webber wants recount
Alpha218711/09 9:48pm
Is Discord dead?
Alpha2181711/09 10:15am
Gamefaqs polls of the day - getting a little existential there, eh?
Alpha218611/04 6:31pm
Nvidia 3070 launch day thread
Alpha2181910/29 12:00pm
Been playing the newest Teamfight Tactics set
Alpha218210/26 12:58am
Jeb Bush Picks Horrible Night to Start Twitch Channel [Satire]
Alpha218310/20 11:34pm
Donald Trump Says China Will Pay for Stimulus Bill
Alpha2183010/16 9:21pm
Biden says crime bill was a 'mistake' during ABC town hall
Alpha2187610/16 12:47pm
Come into work off a 4 day weekend to see my monitor at work isn't working.
Alpha218910/13 9:39am
Ben Shapiro, on a coronavirus vaccine:
Alpha2182710/07 11:52am
Trump, after leaving Walter Reed Medical Center, be like
Alpha218510/06 6:25pm
Put my mail-in ballot in the mail this morning.
Alpha218910/06 9:55am
Spelunky 2
Alpha218710/03 5:48pm
Vote early if possible in this election.
Alpha2181309/30 9:52am
South Florida bars packed after Gov. gives OK for Phase 3 reopening
Alpha2183709/29 3:53pm
Nintendo Sends DMCA Takedown to Nintendo for Emulating Mario Games [Satire]
Alpha2188609/18 10:20am
Left 4 Dead 2 - The Last Stand Update (Releases September 24th)
Alpha218609/17 3:48pm
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