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TopicRE4; Does anyone like the Island more than the Village or Castle?
10/31/20 5:27:54 PM
Castle yes
Village no
TopicDo you personally believe in an afterlife?
10/25/20 2:21:32 PM
Its a nice comforting thought to think that when someone dies they go to a place where theyre reunited with their friends and loved ones. Personally, I dont think such a place exists.
TopicImagine not picking Leon first(A) then Claire B
10/18/20 6:24:18 PM
Ive been playing/speed running them all recently. I prefer the Story of Claire A/Leon B. Gameplay though I think I prefer Leon A/Claire B.

Claire really does get the short end of the stick compared to Leon. A scenario she comes across more lickers and in B she has to face that small hoard of zombies to get the Unicorn Medal/Spade Key in order to get Leons key item.
TopicThe first games you played on a Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation & Xbox platform
10/14/20 3:07:52 AM
Super Mario Bros (NES)
Sonic (Master System)
Dead or Alive 4
Topicyour favorite Britcom?
09/05/20 5:23:11 PM
Im Alan Partridge
The IT Crowd
The Inbetweeners
White Gold
Friday Night Dinner
Bad Education
TopicWhose your main in tekken
08/15/20 5:32:39 PM
Julia, Lee, Jin, Asuka and Xiaoyu are my mains

Started to learn Dragonuv and Katarina when 7 came out but not played in ages
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