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I just stumbled in here after trying to find a lurkerfaqs post on Google. Any old topics worth reading?
No idea but I should get around to archiving looong old topics I just have saved on my computer
A user writes up a funny, modern interpretation of a Norse tale
the previous link has become broken. why does everything I post on this forum break?

"Favorite Android apps" by LinksLiege
has some good privacy/security-oriented app recommendations

It's not broken per-se, it's just using an outdated reference. db=0 is whatever the actively logged database is, which gets moved whenever it's full... clicking the database links shows it the archive for that topic is on Database 3 now
Just want to say it's pretty cool that you uploaded some older topics. Lol Luster.
hah glad it's enjoyed, I've had them sitting on my older hard drive for ages!

User raises stray kitten they found at work. I Yeah'd this but it hasn't show up on the Yeah page yet so reposting in case I forget.
DilloFAQs » Favorite archived topic or message?