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I saw Madame Web and quite enjoyed it. emblem-man 24 5/21 4:14PM
Why did no one care when The Simpsons Movie showed Bart's wiener? rofflemypancake 1 5/21 4:14PM
Man, I cannot wait to return to the office! VeggetaX 6 5/21 4:10PM
What does the ToS say about songs with explicit lyrics? Guide 21 5/21 4:08PM
how do you feel knowing you will soon be older than homer simpson AceMos 19 5/21 4:06PM
Just had an amazing first date IMNOTRAGED 7 5/21 3:59PM
Is big tech listening to everything we say? GeraldDarko 9 5/21 3:56PM
Rex Murphy, a Dominant Pundit on the Right in Canada, Dies at 77 Humble_Novice 3 5/21 3:52PM
Wata in za fiya, whyy? Wata in za fiya, WHYY??? Verdekal 8 5/21 3:52PM
Rate your eyesight out of 10 TroutPaste 45 5/21 3:48PM
Finally throwing a housewarming party in June bsp77 14 5/21 3:40PM
After a somewhat short hiatus, Serena Williams is ready to play Tennis again. VeggetaX 7 5/21 3:39PM
What would you think of pro athletes who don't see losing as a big deal? xAzNPimP4LiFex 14 5/21 3:24PM
The traffic circles are causing the ternaders Lizards (M) 19 5/21 3:22PM
For Those Wondering How Cheeto Cultists Will Respond To Any Given Story... Hyena_Of_Ice 2 5/21 3:21PM
Iowa Republicans Cracking Down on Rural Members for Opposing School Vouchers Humble_Novice 2 5/21 3:20PM
Did any of you hear that story about that woman who was living inside that super Smallville 11 5/21 3:19PM
I bet a lot of you were brats when you firstgot to gamefaqs eggcorn 2 5/21 3:17PM
After two years of waiting I'm finally getting apples! boomgetchopped3 8 5/21 3:13PM
Democrats Lost Georgia Supreme Court Race, Though It's Not a Total Loss Humble_Novice 9 5/21 3:09PM
High points of BFA and Shadowlands (World of Warcraft) ToteAll 11 5/21 3:03PM
What would happen to AOC's political position if she were POTUS? ToteAll 23 5/21 3:01PM
Do you have a tag for me? What is it? ToteAll 13 5/21 3:00PM
Any of you know how you are supposed to contact amazon and ebay now? Smallville 15 5/21 2:48PM
Top 10 moments actors WEREN'T ACTING deupd_u 31 5/21 2:43PM
Well KS, MO, OK, AR peeps, here we go with severe storms...AGAIN! DarthDemented 17 5/21 2:41PM
I can't believe GameFAQs has been around for almost 30 years... Hayame_Zero 4 5/21 2:35PM
Biden admin rule change could expand dental care under ACA Antifar 8 5/21 2:34PM
Rogue just wanted to be touched Future_Trunks 2 5/21 2:28PM
what do you mean im not your type knightoffire55 2 5/21 2:26PM
Magic the Gathering x Hatsune Miku collaboration KFHEWUI 44 5/21 2:25PM
Unfazed by my boss telling me expectations are going to be higher. God_of_6strings 6 5/21 2:21PM
Smash Ultimate is extremely well balanced it seems LordFarquad1312 37 5/21 2:18PM
Senua's Saga: Hellblade II reviews are coming out Baron_Ox 6 5/21 2:15PM
You would quit your job if you found out the company Beveren_Rabbit 8 5/21 2:12PM
Learning a new language is an unexpectedly rewarding experience VideoboysaysCube 2 5/21 2:10PM
800-588-2300 Empire ClayGuida 9 5/21 1:58PM
Have you noticed that the quality of the sellers on Amazon compared to Ebay... GranTurismo 5 5/21 1:47PM
Has anyone gone from so hated to so beloved faster than Louis DeJoy? Jack_Brisco 7 5/21 1:14PM
The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes movie was a lot better than I expected it to thronedfire2 12 5/21 1:07PM

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