GameFAQs technical update, logging paused.


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Whoops I typed something up to post but forgot to login and lost what I wrote so now I'll be even more brief.

As the current header alert and topic title says, GameFAQs system PM'd me about my personal login script I use to maintain alt karma. Says due to botnet attacks on the main site they're updating some technical stuff, my script logins may no longer work, and instead forwarding me to doing something else to get all my daily karma.

But uh... LFAQs uses the same login scripts (Current Events is inaccessible without an account, also for having 50 topics/posts per page to cut down on requests needed to log). I haven't really looked into what's going on yet but for now I've just paused everything because uhhhhh today is also the day my copy of Xenoblade came in and I've been looking forward to this for ages soooooooooo GameFAQs can take a backseat.

also geez from the looks of it today is also the day someone's actually bothered to do some weird spam bot nonsense here yeesh, part surprised it happened, part surprised it took this long (I've had more niche projects hit with this stuff before)... but mostly just annoyed to pile on more things today sigh. I'll probably just delete the spam bots but then y'all won't know what I'm talking about but either way I'm still in Xenoblade mode right now anyways.
Alright just taking a look at the login function right now... hmmmm yeahhh my current script was using the /user/login form but looking now the login button now it goes to /ajax/user_login which now asks for captcha data in addition to the same-olds.

Hrmmmmm, without looking too hard into it yet I see how this could spell an end for CE logging.
Alright well got a set of keys again that should do til October and by then I should have that reautomated again so seems fine.

Already scanned B8 & PotD again... CE of course is the big one so that'll be a few moments to catch-up the last couple days.
Sigh, new issue is the way GFAQs shifted things for ads has broken the OP scan and I have to do some re-writing for this - which I should kinda not just do a simple patch-up job but rather a bigger rework for.
5 minutes per page of topics to fix up CE

25 pages of topics

Okay that run actually sped up a lot after it got passed the actual new topics/posts.

First run fixed OPs without polls, then second run fixed OPs with polls again... back to scheduled logging.
Sigh GameFAQs really likes throwing a monkey wrench into everything

Not explaining the current issue but it'll take a few minutes to readjust
DilloFAQs » GameFAQs technical update, logging paused.