Alllright I guess this is up 'n running fine.


DilloFAQs » Alllright I guess this is up 'n running fine.
Until some jerk tries intentionally tries to mess with thing. <_<
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okie bumpo
This doesn't intentionally mess with things does it?
Nothing! I'm basically done with setting this up, unless the place actually gets any use in which case I may add features.

... In fact, that someone else finally posted I can see that sigs aren't exactly working since your post seems to have my account's sig (a feature that exists in the background and no way for anyone else to change yet!)
Oh and line breaks aren't working
Haha that's a pretty funny little quirk XD I wouldn't mind having that as a sig though! Something I noticed is that the time here is Japanese time? It's still 5/3rd here yet it says you posted on 5/4th. The update log on the main page is in my time zone though.

Also, really glad that quickly going back a page still keeps the message since at first I posted this without logging in lol
Nah it's just the default time of my server which is based in America somewhere.

I think it's... ~11pm as of this post? I guess that's Pacific Time, Japan time is 3pm, my home in Canada is EST, 2pm.

The LogFAQs account that reads GameFAQs is in EST so all times read are by that, then I manually adjusted some other posted times like the "Last updated" thing to adjust from PST to EST.

Fixed up line breaks and sigs now.
Ohhh right but I'm also still adjusting the time here too manually
It was 3 hours ahead of mine and I'm on the east coast so it probably is pacific time. The logfaqs update and the times on topics are in my time though. And yeah, you've been doing extraordinary work lol. I really can't praise you enough
And glad the backtrack thing works on mobile too because I forgot to log in again
Well I'm still half-assing it! I've set up a forum system before so it wasn't too much of a project. (

Other one I have a page for hanging password/timezone so I can implement that fairly easy too eventually
Should get more now this site is showing up under google searches.
Nice, GMUN!
And, oh no, I consider that a bad thing Arek lol. I like as it is now when it's just a quiet little place like this. Soon we're going to be bombarded by all sorts of characters. Oh well, I'm fine with whatever GMUN wants
I don't mind anything really, haven't been running into any problems for a while.

I'll try 'n fix the time stamps right now...
Ooookay times fixed and you can even manage yours in the account settings page by clicking the your username in the header. Time zone entered there also applies to the archived topics.
Hey GMUN how is everything?
Ehhhh pretty much the same it's been for months, not exactly good

3 months left til I fly back home though
I'm sorry to hear that. Is Japan a stressful place to be in or have you just been in there too long and excited to return home? Also, I will be giving you $40 at the end of the month as I promised.
It's not so much about Japan as other things in my life not working out so well atm. =/
Hey GMUN, you might want to watch out. This site was spilled on CE somehow and the topic about it just got modded. They might increase their security after this so keep that in mind. Also, it'll probably be moddable to link this site eventually too, like it was with lurkerfaqs.
Yikes hope we manage
Yeapppp logfaqs was added to the banned words list oops
Oh crap it begins. that's why I was hesitant of there being too much exposure lest gamefaqs sets their eyes upon on logfaqs the same way they did lurkerfaqs lol. You've got any backup measures up for whenever the inevitable Gamefaqs walls start coming up?
Not really sure what they can do to stop me from logging really, but we'll see!
Well the archiver is still running without a hitch so not too worrisome then.
what's the update intervals of the archiver anyways

lurkerfaqs seemed to do it in real time, while yours seems to update periodically
0 3,9,15,21 * * * ~/logger/scan > ~/www/misc/scan.log

Soooo every 6 hours, those times are in MST, sooo in EST that's midnight, 6am, noon, 6pm.

I do it periodically as a precaution not to bother GameFAQs... although since the site got banned and it's still working fine I guess I don't have to worry so much anymore and I could probably bump it up. But eh.
I think it's fine the way it is now. With 6 hours Logfaqs still catches even topics that are eventually modded
DilloFAQs » Alllright I guess this is up 'n running fine.