it's that time again, new database


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switching over now so pausing logs til I think it's good... boy it's been a while since I revamped how things are stored

let's think.... topics should still find their new database automatically.... post links might be incompatible with the moves still though but who uses those
Annnd everything's swapped in. I think... hopefully.

Since databases seem to last longer now I'm a bit out of practice >_> Here's hoping I didn't wipe a bunch of stuff again!
Stay safe, logfaqs man.
annnd once more: log6 archived, main reset

Which brings us now to 8 database (logs 1-6, lurkerfaqs archive, active db)... this server can hold 20 databases, it appears we get about more than half a year per database, so 10 years worth.

Started on 2017, so by about 2027 I ought to have reached a solution to fund an extensionnn (give or take another half a year since the early accidental DB5 wipe)
oh right that time came again, started on a new DB on Feb 18th (... on my birthday lol)
annnd another one, main pushed over to Log 8

also this time I've fixed up the Likes pages, posts had an issue not displaying content because I forgot I have to update the list of logs it accesses there (so log7 wasn't updated into the group, now it and log8 are)
Hmmm I noticed 8th log posts weren't actually saving... for almost the last month lmao whoop

I think I've fixed it but I'll wait til the next run to make sure... but whoops might've lost some posts that just never fully saved in
Looks like it's working now
Too lazy to make a topic again but added Log9 and reshuffled things around again
DilloFAQs » it's that time again, new database