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Let's of stuff being done this week!... to the hindrance of my studies.

Just implemented a Like feature - Yeah!s (RIP Miiverse). For now their only function is as a counter on each post/topic for how many people fav said topic/post but I'll also put in a page for sorting through most Yeah!'d pages your individual favs, and maybe a Yeah!s column on the topic list - maybe tomorrow but we'll see, starting to hit another busy week coming up.
Added a Yeah! column

Shows "#1 + #2" in the column

#1 = # of Yeah!s for the topic
#2 = # of Yeah!s for posts made in the topic
oh yeah <_<

No reason to really add likes to these boards so far
Annnd a total yeahs per board added on the boards page / the lfaqs home page.
Welp I made the 2 pages for counting top Yeahs too so the rest is up to if anyone ever uses that feature.

... Could still use a function to see you've specifically Yeah'd like bookmarks but who knows when I do that.
oh how interesting. I'll sign up and see where this goes
I at least don't think I gotta make a likes per author filter until someone else other than me likes something!

Or maybe some people want their Yeahs hidden, from the counter and/or searching.
(in case nobody noticed since nobody really has a reason to check anyways), the LFAQs Accounts page lists the number of Yeahs! per account for now

hence the current 17 Gmun 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 stat!
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