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Something I've been wanting to do for a long time is insert some old topics I had physically saved on my hard drive from yearrrs ago annnd I finally got around to rigging up some modifiable scripts to help me do that.

Why do they get their own board?... Well for starters, at least one particular one comes from another board outside of the main 3 and I don't just wanna add another board for it (Salamence vs God from the Pokemon.. Emerald? board). But also they're just much better quality anyways since I took the effort to save them ages ago, and having just a mix of topics that may come from whatever board without restrictions seems nice.

That's right! If you've got topics saved from somewhere feel free to PM me a link or something and I'll get around to adding it too. Keep in mind saved topics may come in various formats and GameFAQs versions so it's not a simple send it and it's in process - like the topics on my hard drive are largely from gfaqs10 so that's what my current script is good at importing, but there's another batch of logs I know of in gfaqs9 that I need to convert things around before adding.

Anyways that's that. Right now there's only 2 topics as I was testing the whole thing but we'll see how it goes. After this I hope to make another board for Like'd topics so that popular/good topics are easier to find, siphoning away a whole lot of junk.
Added a Manual Topics and Manual Posts portion to user accounts to find a user's topics/posts in the new logs.

... Also tweaked the general posts by users to show the post #s, and also making the topic links go to the page of the topic that the post was from
DilloFAQs » Imported Logs added