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Yeah uh some depressing incompetence on my part tonight, I typo'd away logs in the active DB (everything from 2019 so far) up until earlier this May... I believe about the 9th? Anything that's purged on GameFAQs before then will be lost with no recovery.



this really sucks but hey y'all don't pay me so I'm workin on bones here

*less depressing ending* thinking about adding a Like feature that would basically help with bookmarking fav topics/posts... Like implies public information (eg. you could see how many people like a post, your fav topics/posts could be viewable -well given privacy setting- yada yada). I've thought about it a while but maybe I'll actually get to work on it to make up for this mess, at least if it's something people would like.

<_< finally give some reason for people to actually make an account here other than timezone fixing
oh right I gotta tell bot to rescan old pages of still alive topics before *that* data purges
alright I fully re-scanned the currently alive B8 and PotD topics... I'll do CE when I wake up since I don't wanna have bot doing full systematic scans every hour until then
nvm I ended up staying up to the next hour >_> full-scanning CE now
Done marking all affected topics now - like I said in the OP a red dillo icon indicates an empty (lost) topic.

Next thing I'll get to work on is organizing the whole database handling so you don't have to cycle through databases manual as I've just left it over the last couple years - currently posts and topics are segmented together into the selectable db... but really the topic list is so small I can just keep that in a master list that handles which post database a page will read from.

... Tho this weekend is Anime North so I can't promise to give my full attention until next week. I don't think it'll be a big task though so we'll see.
Take your time! No worries!

This is good for me since it deletes some of my more embarrassing posts... 😂
lmao well it's nice to see people not taking it too hard so far!

and if there's any specific posts you'd like cleared just lemme know anytime, gfaqs PMs easiest catch my attention
Finished up the necessary work for what I said I'd do - reorganized posts and pulled out topics into a master list that holds its own database information so you don't have to manually navigate all that mess anymore. Also cleaned up some misplaced posts in the process but not a big difference.
So a topic.php page no longer needs any Database selectors (automatically handled by the tid info). In the topic list I replaced it with a year selector so you can still segment navigation a bit. A post info page (post.php) left as is and that's fine, not worth any effort to readjust that.
Also in the process optimized index a bit better so browsing won't be be such a slog every page (whoops beforehand I had the archived logs aka everything but the active log completely unindexed). I'm still don't have a perfect grasp of optimal indexing but definitely a lot better now.
That being said the only thing really tweaked so far is just the topic list and topic pages... pretty significant on its own yes, but other pages so far are mostly unaffected for now. The Boards List is still only going to show active database info, user profiles still use a database selector... as will search pages which are also still greatly unoptimized and slow, and post searching still uses the database selector too. Searching topic titles should be good though since that uses topics.php
Making this post now since I'll be busy with Anime North prep for the weekend, so more work will wait til Monday... mostly. May tweak a few small things but who knows.
DilloFAQs » "whoops"