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Mizznox posted...

FWIW, here are the DHS and FTC saying that they use GovDelivery - with the FTC's report there mentioning that it's provided by Granicus, which is what redirected to for me.

Now, at most I'd only say that confirms it's a legit site that the government really does use. Not necessarily that some other party couldn't be using it for more nefarious purposes.

CableZL posted...
It's apparently a marketing firm that provides services to the government.

I also found that the Texas comptroller uses it to send emails.
That's the shit I mean... it sounds legit, but all the personal stories about it I see on like reddit, it sounds like a fucking phishing scam.

Ugh... when I opened it, my gmail momentarily crashed and reloaded before the email displayed. Then when I tried to back button out of it, it crashed for a sec and reloaded again on the email. I right clicked and made sure to go back to inbox after that, but that has me freaked out. Supposedly getting viruses from simply clicking on an email ('drive by download"?) isn't a concern anymore, gmail isn't supposed to allow cross-site scripting...

I'm gonna do a full Malwarebytes scan anyway. The quick scan came up clean.
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