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I need baby wipes; pronto
MabusIncarnate posted...
How much of that hot content did you post on youtube?

I havent recorded any. I havent uploaded in months Im sure my subscribers are worried
Am I a goner?
King Of Fighters for me
Now how do we market this?
When I was 14 I wrote the girl I liked love poetry to her emails and I was trying to convince her that this was true love etc.

I tried to find my old email because I made peace with it and wanted to show some mates to laugh at. Almost 2 decades later I actually became pretty decent friends with the girl years after school ended and she just brushed it off as dumb school shit from ages ago.
evil_cricket posted...
Probably the same people who tried to play Rage Against the Machine at conservative rallies.

whoa whoa whoa! Political lyrics?!?!
Is the most fun you can have while playing an app!
Questionmarktarius posted...

brown bricks!
See username
What now, CE?
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