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DodogamaRayBrst posted...
What sort of things did Lockley claim was known about Yasuke? Because my understand was that

was basically the only thing known about him.

I think the only other thing I heard is that after Nobunaga died, Yasuke joined the army of Nobunaga's brother. Was that a Lockley invention?

Edit: Also something about Nobunaga trying to give Yasuke a bath to make his skin colour "normal".

Is there any article or youtube video that goes through Lockley's sourcing methodically to see if he was making shit up rather than ragebait videos and tweets?

You can find plenty of point by point criticisms online, but the ones that I found weren't tied back to a professor or someone with sufficient academic knowledge. Stuff like this:

One of the more common threads I see is that he took a very loose interpretation of some things in his story. For example, this is what he himself had to say in a Time interview around why he calls him a samurai:
Lockley also explained that in Yasukes time, the idea of a samurai was a very fluid concept. You dont have to possess any particular killing skills to be a samurai, the author said. Anybody who took up weapons on behalf of a lord could technically call themself a samurai, or could be called a samurai.

So basically, yasuke carried nobunaga's sword, therefore he was a samurai. Apparently there are a lot of logical leaps like this.

Or here, where he points out that there's no record of yasuke beheading nobunaga, but since that's what tradition would dictate he just wrote that that's what happened:
A kaishakunin, usually a friend, would then cut off the head. Lockley said its traditionally held that Mori Ranmaru, an attendant to Nobunaga who was considered to be the feudal lords lover, acted as his kaishakunin.

Yasuke was in the temple with Nobunaga when he performed seppuku. Theres no record, but tradition holds it that [Yasuke] was the one who took Nobunagas head to save it from the enemy, Lockley said. If Akechi, the enemy, had gotten the head and hed been able to hold up the head, he would have had a powerful symbol of legitimacy. Lockley explained that an act like that would have given Akechi credibility as a ruler. After the attack on Nobunaga, Akechi did not get much support and was soon defeated in battle. Yasuke, therefore, by escaping with the head, could have been seen and has been seen as changing Japanese history, Lockley said.
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