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TheGoldenEel posted...
You said the motor doesnt work for the brake, not that its a computer problem

also the parking brake is literally a safety feature lol

  1. It's a brand new parking brake motor. It won't work because the ECU is playing up. So many of these computer systems will shut down basic functionality because the computer is required to make the mechanisms work
  2. The right side still works fine, so the parking brake will apply, albeit lopsidedly
  3. It's an automatic. You don't need a parking brake.
  4. An electric parking brake requiring two seperate motors attached to a computer is the quintessential definition of over engineering when the original solution to this problem was a mechanical handbrake that was an awful lot less easy to fuck up.
If I could replace the electric parking brake with a handbrake I would in a second. It would perform the same function (essentially nothing) and it would be easier and cheaper to maintain.
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