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The least problematic Robin would be Stephanie Brown. The 3rd Batgirl. Blonde. In college I think if I remember right, so of legal age. And not blood related or adopted by Bruce Wayne. She was Robin very briefly. Like 1 week or something. And then she got fired

The main issue is she used to date (and was so at the time she was Robin) Tim Drake, the 3rd Robin. This was after he quit. And she tried to be her boyfriend's replacement. But Bruce didn't like her. He didn't think she was fit to be a Robin
SiO4 posted...
OMG, are you fucking kidding me.
That's how Donald sees himself
I hope every person who bought them at 400, is a liberal who is gonna make thousands off of conservative suckers
I think it would be interesting if he had a kid with Wonder Woman. Doesn't necessarily need to marry her. He didn't marry Talia

But it might be interesting if the child inherited powers. Maybe it would be another son, and would live with his dad cause they wouldn't let him on Paradise Island

Or it could be a proper Amazon daughter. They would of course eventually age the child up to keep the story interesting. Maybe through time travel shenanigans

mustachedmystic posted...
Kratos killed a god. DoomGuy can kill 10 million demons, and he still wont match up.
Doesn't Doomguy kill demonic entities that are as powerful as gods in the Eternal game? I have only ever played the old Doom 1 and 2. But I heard in the modern games some of his enemies are more powerful than the Greek gods
he should go to prison for keeping money away from the families
Hawaii for me personally. The exact opposite of where I live. I wish I could move there.
LeoRavus posted...
I don't like daylight, but I think it's mostly because I feel more comfortable at night. Daytime is when all the people are outside doing stuff. At night I feel like there's no one else on the planet.
Nighttime is cool for peaceful walks. But unfortunately in my area I might run into moose in the dark. So I am too scared to try it
It could always come out in the future. Between now and the heat death of the universe, the possibility will always exist. Especially if old nintendo execs die off and are replaced by younger ones with different attitudes

She is a tennis star who suffers a career ending injury. Then she coaches 2 guy tennis players and ends up in a sexual relationship with both of them.
Bright light, like harsh sunlight can sometimes give me headaches. I think it depends on how much I've been existing lately in the dark
Making annual dlc for sports games would be good for the players. Just make 1 per sport per console generation. And update it until the next generation.
To escape their shame

Actually, I think they just feel really good after and get all hyper
DuranOfForcena posted...
what even is there to make 4 whole separate movies out of? what is a Ringo movie gonna be like? "Hey Ringo, here's the sheet music for your drum part for the new song." "Okay." "Hey Ringo, we're breaking up." "Oh, okay." and what's a George movie gonna be like? "Hey guys, look, i wrote another song!" "Lol, cute. Shut up and play what we tell you."
It will probably tell their life story, not just their time in the band. So only certain sections will be very similar
Kick em out of Eurovision, the summer Olympics, next World Cup, both men and women.... amd anything else that is an international contest. They don't deserve to take part in world activities
Those sons of bitches
I always wondered why people even try to shoot Superman. Do they think somehow this one time, it will work?
Dynasty Warriors 7
Scardude posted...
Okay, but how does one distinguish the style to Ross?
That, I do not know. But I figure some people can
thronedfire2 posted...
what's Ross?
A clothing store
I think I subbed to it back in the nes days. But by the 16 bit era, I had switched to EGM and for a short time Sega Visions (sega's short-lived take on Nintendo Power)
Holy_Cloud105 posted...
Again, Republicans want people to die. How many kids get killed in mass shooting and Republicans shove their fingers up their ass? They don't care.
Doesn't matter if they don't care. A murder was committed and people involved need to face justice
How did the young girl in the crowd get hurt? She must have been right at the edge of the fighting

I wonder if people will be kicked off the teams over this
streamofthesky posted...

PSA: STOP TRAVELING TO RUSSIA! I can't believe that still isn't obvious to people, but STOP TRAVELING TO RUSSIA!
I wish I could ask her why the hell she thought it was a good idea to go back to Russia when she has Russian citizenship and they can exert authority over her during wartime
sabin017 posted...
The more silent one is the more badass.
This is true
thronedfire2 posted...
I wouldn't be surprised if early humans figured out some way to wipe their ass. or maybe they had much more fibrous diets and didn't even need to.
In the stone age, they might have used leaves
This should lead to a series of interviews. Tucker Carlson interviews Shredder from TMNT. Tucker Carlson interviews Thanos. Tucker Carlson interviews M Bison from Street Fighter
Fuck I just looked at thr article. These won't be out til 2027
This is actually is a very interesting idea
SauI_Goodman posted...
I thought this was about lady gaga -_-
I'll try it if I see it. My area doesn't always get this kind of stuff
Seaman_Prime posted...
Yeah man thats why everything is natural in my eyes. Unless it came from aliens
Even from off planet, stuff can be natural. If we get minerals from asteroids, it will be natural. And there is supposedly an asteroid in particular that all on its own, contains enough minerals that are worth more than all the money that is currently on earth
Reminds me of an old game called Darkest of Days I think it was called. It was an FPS where you ran around several famous wars like US Civil War, ww1 and ww2 I think, and the Pompeii eruption for some reason
Turns out some do
KanWan posted...
Who the fuck kicks the cages, piece of shit -_-

also lol, why does it look like Sephiroth in the thumbnail?
I think the "silver hair" is actually a hoodie
Awesker002 posted...
Boy I can't wait for it to be thrown in the trash for a tax break.
There would be riots in the streets if they did this, I think. People have been waiting since the 90s for this movie
You'd think WB would want to do this, to compete with Spider-Verse.
The official name for that is

Enemies to Lovers
I still don't get why she attacked that tourist. Was the tourist talking to her before the slap? It seems like the crazy lady just decided to target 1 random person in the store before leaving
That new civil war movie is actually a documentary from the future
KFHEWUI posted...
Lets Go Johto
They saw America threatening to restore Trump to power, and thought "hey! Let's try that too"
Holy_Cloud105 posted...
Is this one of those MAGA propaganda films where they're gonna rewrite that the civil war was fought over slaves?
No. This is about a modern day 2nd Civil War
Hypnospace posted...
Jeez wtf happened on page 1. Some of these people were born for no reason
It was 3 accounts I think that are all the same person. It was probably just 1 weirdo
I want to see this so bad. I wish the trailers would explain the politics of the war though. We still don't know why it happened
Even if the bank has someone who knows English, they will just pretend they don't, to keep the money
PraxagoraKassan posted...
New expansion this summer huh
And one of the new jobs is Pictomancer
I wonder how it came to be there. But likely we will never know. Maybe someone held onto it for years and then decided to "release it into the wild" by leaving it where someone would find it
DarkChozoGhost posted...
Around that age. I don't know them specifically, so I couldn't say for sure. There are definitely 16 year olds that genuinely don't know any better and would change if they had more information. But there are definitely 16 years olds that have had every opportunity learn and should know better, but have chosen to be evil. In this case the hypothetic sane relatives getting them out would know which deserve it or not.
A 16 year old usually still wouldn't be able to defy their parents if they move the family to Russia. Are you expecting them to run away to prove they aren't like their parents?
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