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Theres still a lot of unknowns with the Mary Toft case. She very well could have been mentally ill, suffering from ptsd , and being taken advantage of by bad actors. She grew up very poor, wasnt educated and likely inbred. She may not have had any input in the scheme which makes it a particularly sad case
Adam liked the taste of figs
I know they say every election in the most important election of our time, etc etc etc but looking back man was that one that really that set the world on a path.
I loved galaxy 2 and even sunshine but I got bored with this
Theres about 3 scores from actraiser 2 Id put up with any chrono trigger track. But in particular like the ice palace theme. Very serene
Nothing. Train her early
Thats a good ideal
People are really putting their butt sweat and tears into this topic
divot1338 posted...
Someone read this love letter he wrote his wife as he was about to leave port on submarine duty in WW2.

Man had game.

that was his daughter Amy

I cant do time travel because I know I would go back in time and end up fucking up the invention of time travel.
My boy parts feel funny
That pudding it lightly
i prefer to stand when I pre because I dont like dunking the toilet
Twice. Although to be honest in the morning I just stand in the shower to wake up. I usually only wash up after work
Ordinary People is also a Christmas movie
Too late
Bass posted...
I'm superior.

Only because my siblings don't exist.

youre also by far the worst
debatable. My brother works in IT and has a large family with a lot of pets and a bitch of a wife. He makes a lot of money however he seems burnt out and defeated every time we get together.

so by income level he beats me. But my wife and I do pretty well respectively and are dinks. my sister is living the same lifestyle and while I know she doesnt make near enough money for what she does she her husband does pretty well.
I cant believe the mods lettuce make these

I did an Oregon trip this spring. Great time in most places of the state. But my experience in Portland can be summed up by watching someone huff gas while I had to wait in my car and have someone pump my gas for me, because by Oregon state law Im not allowed to do so because its dangerous to my health.
Heres a major problem in America and how its a problem

*audience listening in intellectual*

just like moms figgy pudding she brings to supper even though no like likes it. Why you bring the figgy puddin mum! Bad mum! Bad mum!

audience: lmao this shows great!
Ideally itd be a place with good year round weather or else theyre taking a hit otherwise. But unfortunately most of those place arent far off from Florida. Maybe Virginia or NC I guess.
Antifar posted...
Kill me

if you a jets fan you already dead inside

My wifes cousin was a few glasses of wine deep and blurted out what color was he in reference to his nephew buying a lemon car from another person. Hilarity ensued. And shortly after my wife made us leave because she was about to snap on her aunt if we didnt. And then at my parents thanksgiving my 13yo niece yelled fuck off bitch to her mom in front of everybody.

All in all a good time. Food was good. 7/10
FPS games
speak for yourself tc
Why would you make Other an option if we are being asked to choose from the list.

Is Other the name of a dessert?

Remember surge and its antifreeze color and taste
ironman2009 posted...
she taught rose not to move her ass over so jack could fit on the door.

the door wouldnt have stayed afloat. And her mom wouldve chosen a guy that either wouldnt have known that and tried to get on the door or a guy that wouldve saved himself over her.
"If I had to do a guy"
now we have to make a pizza combining the top 3 toppings with the bottom 3 toppings
Heres a current update from the police:

UPDATE: As the investigation into the November 20, 2023, shooting at the Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio continues, the FBI - Cincinnati and Beavercreek Police Department are providing an investigative update.

The victims injured during the attack include a Caucasian female, two African American females, and a Caucasian male.

To date, the investigation has revealed the following information:

Based on evidence collected, including journal writings from the attacker, Benjamin Charles Jones, the attack may have been at least partially inspired by Racially Motivated Violent Extremist (RMVE) ideology. The FBI will continue to investigate the motivating factors leading to this attack.

The attacker used a Hi-Point .45 caliber carbine with one 9-round magazine. The weapon was purchased on November 18, 2023, from a store in the Dayton area. Investigators are continuing to look at the background of the subject to determine if any of his answers on the ATF Form 4473 were inaccurate.

This investigation remains very active as the FBI thoroughly examines the attackers background, motive, connections, and online activity. Anyone with information regarding Benjamin Charles Jones is asked to contact the FBI at 1-800-Call-FBI or online at

2 days after buying the gun. Im sure his answers were bogus

Salami/Pepperoni. Any meat that can carry the flavor of the sandwich by itself is fine with me.
PissedOffMonk posted...
If the shooter isnt white, would it be considered a racially motivated attack?


This guy has an insta thats still up. Seems pretty standard random stuff

outlaw jesse jones

Looks like he was a Boy Scout through high school, which seems like kind of guy who was bullied and outcast.
In my 20s I could go for an hour or two. Now at forty 5-10 minutes is about right not including foreplay.
Sbarros is borderline dog food

and thats only because my dog eats poop
brestugo posted...

beavercreek is a very white and mostly affluent community. if its a white shooter than it would likely have been very targeted.
No it gets in the way it needs to be smaller
We will need to see genitals for confirmation
This is the same Walmart where John Crawford was shot too.

also this witness quote

We were passing the Tide aisle and five to six shots rang out and (my wife) looked at me and said is this a joke? I said I know what that is. Ive been around gunfire in the past, he said. Then, I turned around and told her to get behind me, and then I turned around and I was 10 to 12 feet from the shooter and just said, Really dude.

cmon bruh, Im just trying to my cheese puffs and you doin this now?
If people tell you they have the worst memory theyre usually not remembering something about you that you wish they would but the truth is their memory is fine, they just dont consider you a priority in their lives.
Ive killed too many brain cells over the course of 20 years for me to remember
You should have a mental block regardless of her bathing suit. That you need to see less skin to avoid thinking dirty thoughts is telling on yourself.
Whale shit
I understand the sediment
He just told on himself
Joel turning into Rambo during the hospital scene worked in the game but it wouldnt have worked in the show
Lady Bird Johnson
I love going to a shooting range. Im not a big gun guy but the power is there.
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