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Current Events White House Condemns antisemitic rally outside Philly family owned restaurant 27 2023-12-04 21:45:28
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Some of you just do not get it. I want to be clear, Im not here to say this person deserved to lose her job, Im responding to the responses in this topic.

And when someone rightly posts hate crime data to show that, it gets dismissed. The facts show that there has been a massive uptick in antisemitic situations in this country as well as islamaphobic ones as well.

To quote John Oliver - it has to be possible to empathize with the pain of one community without denying it in another.

Like any form of racism or discrimination, the problem of antisemitism is the delegitimization of the fear that community experiences because of who they are. In this case, and I agree it comes across as a heat of the moment outburst, saying that we dont know persecution not five years removed from a synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, the hate crime data already presented, the nonsense in Charlottesville, and now the pogrom on October 7th in Israel - its the fear that history may be repeating itself that has Jews on edge.

Like, it shouldnt be all that difficult to be critical of the Israeli government without reciting the same antisemitic tropes weve been hearing for centuries. In the same way thats its not difficult at all to acknowledge the fact that not all Palestinians are members of Hamas or any of the other generalizations people use to justify racism. The fact that so many groups, Jews, Arabs, and pretty much everyone for that matter, I mean you name it have some sort of negative stigma that people lean on that only heightens the fear in those communities.

And the comment was antisemitic. In the same way that denying the history or pain of any group would be seen as discriminatory. And its not like I dont get what shes trying to say, but when you have antisemitic situations happening all over the place now, saying that somehow that its ok because of what someone else is going through, I mean isnt that what Hamas sympathizers are saying to justify October 7th? (Not saying shes a Hamas sympathizer - just making the point that two wrongs do not make a right.)

You can condemn Islamaphobia and the Israeli government without going to the point of saying - well Jews finally know what it feels like. Because we know what it feels like, everyone does.

My resolution - the next time the Eagles are in the Superbowl, I'm going!
February 10th, 2023
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