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Ok. THIS is epic!
This guy wears a diaper so he doesnt get pee pee on his underwear #promoves
ConfusedTorchic posted...
something tells me you think that people are upset about hunters trial verdict

no one is lmao
Far-Queue posted...
Time to eat some plant-based crow TC
As a proud patriot, I only eat the real thing. Cant fool me with your ultra processed cancer causing crow.
Jen0125 posted...
Also what makes something "ultra" processed as opposed to just regular old processed? Seems like a scare tactic to use that type of language.
Ultra processed means they have gone through multiple processing techniques. The fake meats that are vegan are ultra processed and are apparently just as bad if not worse for your body than just eating regular meat.

Looks like meat is back on the menu boys!
Far-Queue posted...
Like and share brother
Yes. Welcome new friends and thank you for helping make PotD great again.
BunkerBoy posted...
OK, now I can't tell if you're a cultist or making fun of them
WingsOfGood posted...
Hmm pic in op looks familiar where have I seen it
My topic is older than yours.
In order to avoid breaking the rules of posting political memes on other boards, feel free to post your favorite boomer and political memes here for everyones enjoyment.
There is still hope
What do we even have left if no horny or political memes.
crimsonkinght7 posted...
Foppe posted...
Love those type of dogs. Use to have an American Eskimo breed that looked really similar.

crimsonkinght7 posted...
Welcome to current events
Thanks. This place is a lot more active than PotD which is nice.

KainWind posted...
I bet you'll fit in perfectly here.
I hope so. Everyone seems rather friendly and open minded so far.
Lonestar2000 posted...
So how long before this account is banned?
Ive had my account for two years, so I think Ill be fine.
Lvaneede posted...
It has been weird
Yea the rule changes are quite weird indeed. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of gamefaqs.

KanWan posted...
Hi new here
Lol. Thanks, dad.

WingsOfGood posted...
Do you still hope Desantis for 2024?
Im still holding out hope but it looks like its going to have to be 2028.

Tyranthraxus posted...
Everyone here is fine. Just remember if you get purged you're out for good.
Thanks for the reminder. I rarely get moderated but I feel like I have to be extra cautious now with these rule changes.
Had been posting on the Poll of the Day board but was told that I need to start posting here now due to the recent rule changes on the site. How is everyone here today?
Hopefully they dont ban me Also weird that they turned CE into something like LUE.
DirtBasedSoap posted...
RIP O.J. an innocent man gone too soon
He will never get a chance to see his wifes killer(s) brought to justice
RIP to a great football player and actor.

Sorry to anyone who I offended with the Gondor meme. Truly wasnt my intentions.
Im sorry space cowboy.

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