I rank 57 albums [ranking]

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Well, while we get that sorted out, I guess I can post one more.


53. Lights - The Listening



1. February Air
2. Second Go
3. Ice


From the first five seconds of Saviour I can tell this is going to be a tough sell because I really dislike this singers voice. A bit too cutesy for me, with plenty of autotune. But it could also work out well because I really like the other instruments, very refreshing and cool. Getting big CHVRCHES vibes overall. So well see!

Seems somebody put out the moon / Now the road is a minefield.

Drive My Soul doesnt have as exciting a soundscape but I dislike the singers voice less. Fair trade I guess?

Doing some reading and Lights is apparently one person. So I can narrow my pool of who to blame for this LOLOLOL

Eh this is fine. It all sort of blends together. I dont really love this super polished modern pop sound (yes I know its from 2009) and as I said I dont love Lightss voice. Theres not much here for me to grab onto. There are nominations I dislike more but had more to say about. The Listening is justsort of there.

Halfway through the album. Since I have literally nothing to say about the actual music, Im going to pull a Raetsel and talk about something unrelated. Did you know that raisin bran cereal goes surprisingly well with Greek yogurt? I discovered this on accident. Raisin bran also happens to be significantly cheaper than granola, which is what I always used to eat with Greek yogurt. The key ingredient is the raisins: they blend well with the yogurt and make a nice sweet/sour combination. Sometimes life gives us raisin bran with granola. We must be grateful for those times.

Why does February Air start like the jingle when you initiate a call on Discord. I have something positive to say about this song; I like the vocal layering.

So uh. This exists. I apparently listened to it. Those are my thoughts. Hope you enjoyed!