I rank 57 albums [ranking]

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BlueCrystalTear may be pleased to know that I woke up this morning with invisible string in my head, hehe.

changmas posted...
I think your song ranking makes sense for someone who didn't really like the album because those are probably three of the most "normal" songs on the album

It's funny - anyone in the vgm community can tell you that I normally like "weird" music, certainly more than the average person. But I guess not all weird music is created equal! (Otherwise it wouldn't be weird.) I do appreciate the nomination for being so unique though.

NBIceman posted...
I'm gonna try to follow along with the top songs to some extent too


-hotdogturtle-- posted...
More writeups than I expected in one day.

dowolf posted...
this is going to be so hard to keep up with, good luck future me~

I'm happy to go a little slower if folks would prefer it. I'd rather go at a more manageable pace for keeping up if it means more discussion and engagement.

Thanks everybody for the positive comments. Glad you're all enjoying so far!