"Hentai is brilliant, yes."

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Board 8 » "Hentai is brilliant, yes."

Everything about this clip is amazing. Love his hesitation before he even says the word, knowing that if he says "six" as his answer he's going to have to say it. Her pause before confirming the validity of the word as if she knows what it really means and is deciding how to spare him the embarassment of explaining the definition in more detail. And the way the hosts kind of move on nonchalantly, not knowing what kind of pervert is within their midst
This slaps

This whips Ass
Official Advokaiser advocate
sees countdown clock thumbnail and instantly assumes it must be Cats version

zooms out only see two people oh god

even just declaring the "six" he's still totally unsure if he's gonna do it yet


amazed Rachel kept it together
somethin somethin hung somethin horse somethin
oh no
Reality seems very harsh
susie dent you a real one
this is a world... where Advokaiser eats gurus
This made my day.
I expected this to be a Vlado quote
Board 8 » "Hentai is brilliant, yes."