"AI should replace localizers."

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Those people are being awfully silent when Crunchyroll started doing AI generated captions to awful results. I'm seeing it on the NieR Automata anime and it's completely nonsensical.
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We just need to localize the AI first.
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No one that watches anything subbed wants ai to replace it. Direct translations often dont work and feel stiff anyway
it was never about accuracy or quality and always about punishing people they perceive as woke, all that there idiocy did was give a greenlight for companies to do it with a built in chud army to defend the decision
People should lose their jobs just to give me a crappier version of a product while raising corporate profits!
Irregardless, for all intensive purposes, I could care less.
Hell nah. It will be full of typos and nonsense

But I bet it will because the amount of time and money it's able to save will be too much for big publishers to pass up on
Current Events » "AI should replace localizers."