Most unexpected thing you have a subscription for?

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Current Events » Most unexpected thing you have a subscription for?
What's the one thing that you were most surprised to hear operated on a subscription model, but decided to subscribe to anyway?

Mine is pretty tame: a recurring donation for missionaries.
There's a difference between canon and not-stupid.
I had a subscription to a laundry service for a while there
He was born in a coop, raised in a cage, children fear him, critics rage,
He's half alive, he's half dead, folks just call him Buckethead
Paper towels, Toilet paper and Shaving razors, I guess.
You gotta laugh. That is the one thing at the end of your life you will not wish you did less of.
Chase Sapphire Reserve card.

I don't have subscriptions to any services at all.
Japanese Crack:
I have a subscription for estrogen, does that count?
Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass

never should have started playing this, now I can't stop

Do not write in this space.
Electric toothbrush heads.
Sigs are rather pointless, except if it's to showcase animation and images.
Sound and Vision magazine. A real physical magazine subscription is getting to be a rare thing these days. It wouldn't normally be unexpected but these days it probably is. Everything has went digital and online.

I used to get multiple ones. One of my favorites was Home Theatre magazine. I also used to get one called Stereophile. I won't go through the history of how these magazines formed but these days Home Theatre and Stereophile have been absorbed into Sound and Vision.

Still a solid magazine but I went from 3 magazines I like down to 1 magazine I like because they all merged so it feels like I'm missing out but at least I still get one physical magazine.
PSN ID: sled_dogs76
60" Pioneer Kuro Elite PRO151FD, Yamaha RX-V3900 A/V Receiver, Oppo DV983-H player. Coming soon: 2 Seaton Submersives from Mark Seaton
I get a case of spam delivered every month
"I play with myself" - Darklit_Minuet, 2018
any kind of insurance sure as hell seems like a subscription lol - courtesy of the homie United_World
haters can't stand me, like they got polio.
Current Events » Most unexpected thing you have a subscription for?