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two new yearly foldable phones and 3 new wearables if you dont want to watch. Whole event is like 4 hours so Im not listing everything.
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I was tempted to maybe trade in my Watch5 Pro for maybe the Watch Ultra (Watch7 seems to have a much weaker battery life), but that shit is ridiculously priced. I doubt I get a huge enough trade-in value to make it worth it. I also doubt the upgrade is that significant. Maybe I'll get the Watch 8 or 9 when I get a new phone and get the promo credit directly from Samsung. I went from the original Watch to the Watch4 then upgraded to Watch5 via trade-in since Watch4 had significantly worse battery. My Watch5 typically lasts 3-4 days before I need to charge it.
I pre-ordered a Galaxy Watch Ultra (titanium silver) and will send back my Watch5 Pro as a trade in. I might also pick up a set of the Buds 3 Pro as I've been using my Buds Live for some years now. I won't pre-order those as I'll just pick them up in-store at some point.

Looking forward to the Ultra though.
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Those trade in prices are atrocious. You used to be able to upgrade from flip to flip for about $100 and they'd give you freebies or tons of credit for other gizmos. I'm keeping my flip 5, this is also just another weak iteration but that's expected.
I've read one website's review on the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro. Seems to be a big upgrade over the 2 Pro.
Current Events » Samsung Unpacked.