The Heritage Foundation has been hacked by gay furries over Project 2025

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evilpresident posted...
Nazi furries are the weirdest thing. Does not compute at all
This kinda reminds me of a similiar, yet different, thing I came across a few days ago.

It was the comment section of a video regarding Tiger 131, the only functioning tiger I tank in the world with an interesting history. Anyways, someone was vehemently opposed to it being preserved in a literal tank museum. As they claim it was promoting Nazi ideology and Nazi-ism. Just going on about not wanting their ideology/hate.

Yet, the whole time I'm just looking at their name and pfp, literally named AntiFurry_____, etc, with the Anti-Fur flag which was purposely designed to mimic the Nazi flag. I genuinely couldn't tell if they were trolling or just obtuse.

But yeah, Nazi furs have always been interesting... to put it lightly.