Someone explain this shirt to me

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Saw someone this morning at the deli wearing this shirt.

I dont get it.
You gotta laugh. That is the one thing at the end of your life you will not wish you did less of.
Presidents who had the most extra marital affairs.
'Vinyl is the poor man's art collection'.
I hope Trump doesnt like convertibles.

Honestly no clue. The affair comment is good. Could be the thing Im referencing. If the person wearing it looked like a Trumper, it could be some sort of outcast fighting to be PotUS nonsense, since Kennedy had massive campaigns trying to other him for his religion. Im sure there are more possibilities Im not thinking of.
No matter our origin, we are all one family, we all share one planet, and we all need to feel loved and accepted. We are more alike than different.
Donald is on the left ?
People have mocked his signature before. Not sure if theyre doing that here though. My signature is pathetic so I cant really talk
More to do with the humidity than heat
Something something JFK is still alive and will be Trumps VP.
Trump was on the grassy knoll
She rings like a bell through the night
If it was JFK Jr it would be a clear QAnon conspiracy reference, but with it being Sr, I'm not sure. My guess is it's either a thinly veiled assassination "joke", or just some empty-headed comparison thing.

Or maybe not a "joke", but "the government's going to kill this great president just like they did with Kennedy!"
The food here is terrible. My steak was so tough it attacked my coffee and the coffee was too weak to defend itself.
It means the person wearing it is stupid.
I'm the eyehole man. I'm the only one that's allowed to have eyeholes! Get up on outta here with my eyeholes!
Blue_Target posted...
Something something JFK is still alive and will be Trumps VP.
Gonna go with this one. I guess it really is based on the political leaning of the person wearing the shirt.
Current Events » Someone explain this shirt to me