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Vote for your favorite! - Results (46 votes)
4.35% (2 votes)
15.22% (7 votes)
8.7% (4 votes)
34.78% (16 votes)
6.52% (3 votes)
8.7% (4 votes)
2.17% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
17.39% (8 votes)
2.17% (1 vote)
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Let's be honest: Things are looking pretty bleak for CE and GameFAQs as a whole right now, somebody's got to step up and be a hero. So against my better judgment/free time, it's time to start up the Best Pokemon Tournament.

Here's how this one is going to work. It's still going to be 128 Pokemon in the final bracket, but obviously with 1025 Pokedex entries, that's going to be a tight fit. So we're going to whittle that number down bit by bit, choosing one Pokemon out of each group of 10 to make it. The groups will be sorted in Pokedex order; this is to help keep things orderly and prevent a Pokemon from slipping through the cracks, but also to make sure that each generation is represented proportionally with how many of the little bastards were added in each set of games.

For Pokemon with alternate forms under the same Pokedex entry, such as Unown, Rotom, Wormadam, or Deoxys, all of those forms will be counted as one entry for the sake of keeping the proportional representation intact (and to make sure there aren't too many of a single species on the bracket). Megas, Gigantamax, and any other alternate forms that are only seen during battle are also considered as part of the base species. Regional forms, such as Alolan Exeggutor or Galarian Weezing, are considered as being separate, and will be part of their respective generation's set. Legends: Arceus is considered as "generation 8.5" for the purposes of this tournament.

That brings things to a grand total of 1080 Pokemon that qualify for bracket spots, which will break down to a nice even 108. The final twenty bracket spots are "Wild Card" positions, and each generation will have two more chances to get a representative on the bracket. The top 20 non-winners from each generation will be split into two further groups of ten, and those Pokemon will then compete for the remaining spots.

I know it might seem confusing when it's all written out like this, but trust me, it will work. I hope.

But, as I mentioned in the opening of this topic, these are dark times and the future is uncertain. I'm going to do my damndest to keep up on this so we all have something to look forward to, but I'm going to need everybody here to help out with that by voting. When I ran a temperature check the topic got up to about 50-60 votes, which I felt was fine, but since CE's numbers are only going to dwindle moving forward I will end this tournament early if I feel like the engagement isn't high enough for me to bother putting the time and effort into it anymore.

So, please, vote.

NOTE: Since it's been happening pretty often lately, I just wanted to add that although the official cutoff time for these polls are 24 hours, I'm not always able to update them right on time or even the day they're supposed to. Things get busy with me sometimes in my personal or work life and I'm not always around to post a poll on GameFAQs lol. But I do try my best to keep things rolling as consistently as possible, and when I'm able to I give advance notice if a round change will be happening early or late :)

Anyway, with that out of the way, here's round thirty-nine of the preliminaries! Here's to a (hopefully) great fourth tournament, everyone!

Round 1: Charizard (25.64%)
Round 2: Pidgeot (28.36%)
Round 3: Sandslash (25.71%)
Round 4: Nidoking (30.99%)
Round 5: Diglett (19.7%)
Round 6: Arcanine (50%)
Round 7: Alakazam (46.75%)
Round 8: Victreebel (17.19%)
Round 9: Farfetch'd (29.03%)
Round 10: Gengar (51.39%)
Round 11: Cubone (20.55%)
Round 12: Rhydon (34.33%)
Round 13: Gyarados (29.41%)
Round 14: Lapras (23.53%)
Round 15: Mewtwo (33.33%)
Round 16: Mew (36.92%)
Wild Card: Blastoise (26.42%)
Wild Card: Scyther (31.91%)
Round 17: Crobat (45.1%)
Round 18: Mareep (28.21%)
Round 19: Ampharos (38.46%)
Round 20: Umbreon (39.39%)
Round 21: Steelix (39.66%)
Round 22: Scizor (39.68%)
Round 23: Houndoom (31.03%)
Round 24: Donphan (27.42%)
Round 25: Tyranitar (32.86%)
Wild Card: Skarmory (30.77%)
Wild Card: Feraligatr (32.2%)
Round 26: Mudkip (26.67%)
Round 27: Mightyena (30.19%)
Round 28: Ludicolo (41.18%)
Round 29: Gardevoir (45.76%)
Round 30: Shedinja (24.56%)
Round 31: Aggron (56%)
Round 32: Sharpedo (49.12%)
Round 33: Flygon (48.89%)
Round 34: Altaria (30.77%)
Round 35: Milotic (47.17%)
Round 36: Absol (43.64%)
Round 37: Spheal (26.79%)
Round 38: Metagross (54.17%)

Breloom - 30.51%, 18 votes
Zigzagoon - 26.42%, 14 votes
Dusclops - 23.64%, 13 votes
Walrein - 23.21%, 13 votes
Zangoose - 23.08%, 15 votes
Blaziken - 22.22%, 10 votes
Wailord - 22.22%, 10 votes
Roselia - 21.05%, 12 votes
Crawdaunt - 20.75%, 11 votes
Ninjask - 19.3%, 11 votes
Glalie - 17.86%, 10 votes
Relicanth - 17.86%, 10 votes
Pelipper - 17.65%, 9 votes
Salamence - 16.67%, 8 votes
Tropius - 16.36%, 9 votes
Sceptile - 15.56%, 7 votes
Swampert - 15.56%, 7 votes
Latias - 14.58%, 7 votes
Nosepass - 14.04%, 8 votes
Sableye - 14%, 7 votes

In the event that more than 20 Pokemon are in the Wild Card category at the end of a generation, I'll use a randomizer to decide which Pokemon tied for the lowest qualifying score make it onto the polls.
R.I.P. SaikyoMog!
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Kyogre. Hoenn needs more water.
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This round will end the 3rd Gen preliminaries, and after these six legendaries have their final scores / potential win locked in, tomorrow and the next day will see two topics -- one for the regularly scheduled round, and one for a Wild Card.

Pending the results for the final six Hoenn Pokemon, here are how the sets will work out:

Set 1: Breloom, Dusclops, Zangoose, Wailord, Crawdaunt, Glalie, Pelipper, Tropius, Swampert, Nosepass
Set 2: Zigzagoon, Walrein, Blaziken, Roselia, Ninjask, Relicanth, Salamence, Sceptile, Latias, Sableye

...although it's entirely possible that any of the Pokemon listed above will change sets or be removed entirely, depending on how many Hoenn Legendaries become Wild Card contenders. Any that are listed in italics could potentially be replaced entirely due to their scores.
Fuck. I missed yesterday's round. Would have voted for Salamence.

For this one, I'm going with Rayquaza.
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Nothing but legendaries and starters.

It's like an 8 year old's Elite 4 squad.

Or Tobias, but fuck Tobias.
Deoxys takes this easily.
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Base form Deoxys pretty easily. If other forms are to be included Shiny Mega Rayquazza would be second only to Espeon for me though.

I like all 3 box art legends, Jirachi, and Torterra is also my favorite grass starter though. A lot of good mons down the drain with this one either way.
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Cute but cool design, great typing, a unique niche in battles that not many other Pokemon can pull off (AKA Serene Grace hax), and the Jirachi movie is still one of my favorites in the franchise when it comes to the anime.
Oops I missed the last 3 rounds
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Funny green parent dragon.
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One more bump because I'm too busy to do the next rounds right now lol
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