Who decided that adding olives to pizza is good?

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Current Events » Who decided that adding olives to pizza is good?
Hmmmm guys?
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nah, I don't want my pizza tasting like sea water.
Pepperoni and Black Olives was our family staple when I was growing up.

Now that I am older, the salt from Green Olives goes really really well as a pizza topping. It kinda smells like shit in the oven tho
I love black olives on supreme pizza.

This also isnt a pizza thing but I make tacos every week and in my taco meat I always dice up bell peppers and I add pinto beans to it and black olives. I love the extra salty element it adds. I love black olives in various different foods. I add them to a cold pasta salad I make as well.
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archizzy posted...
I love black olives on supreme pizza.

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Green olives on pizza is amazing.
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Scorsese2002 posted...

Like the anchovies of veggies just ewww.
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I love bread with olives.
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Irony posted...

CobraGT posted...
I love bread with olives.
tapenade is so good
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Black olives used sparingly to supplement other ingredients is fine IMO. Wouldn't really work as a primary topping.

I wouldn't want green olives on a pizza at all.
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Greek black olives or any green olives are great, especially if feta cheese is involved. Mushy generic black olives from a can are awful.
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Me. I decided it.
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Vicious_Dios posted...

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Quattro Formaggi with black olives and chili peppers is my go to pizza.
On pizza*** dammit didn't see that till now.
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idk but they were right.
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I didn't really like them when I was a kid, but now I do.
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People complain about pineapple on pizza but not so much about black olives and that confuses me so much...
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My wife decided that. Maybe I should divorce her?
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love it
Pikakaeru, use water gun!
Olives are good for oil and nothing else culinary.
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Yuck on olives anywhere.
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Fucking love olives cover my pizza with that shit and hand me the dirtiest martini you got
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Current Events » Who decided that adding olives to pizza is good?