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i.e. how much do you play in a week, are you more into games with a distinct beginning and end or more continuous stuff, what eras, etc.

I play an hour or two a night on some nights but some nights not at all. More focused on fairly recent releases, but not necessarily new. I like single player stuff that has a clear end
I keep telling myself that I like single player games with a definitive ending and that I should work my way through the pretty (expensive) physical copy Switch games I'm collecting. Then I spend four hours starting another Rome Total War 2 Divide et Impera campaign
i can multitask very well and i'm always constantly playing something. i usually have about 5 to 8 main games i'm playing at once, will probably finish half, and then tons of random other games i play sporadically. this is on a daily basis now. recently with a steam deck, everything has become even more integrated in my life and i'm able to do multiple things while still gaming. i play mostly single player, mostly games that are least 2 years old but up to the classics. i sometimes go online if friends entice me but i don't play well with others.

Disclaimer: There's a good chance the above post could be sarcasm.
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I'm very streaky and my interests are very narrow as I get older.

I really only get into 3rd person action adventure games now, where I used to love sports games. I think that's more a function of Madden, WWE and EA Golf games being underwhelming now. In terms of play time, I swing from very heavy days and weeks of marathon sessions where I play for several hours a day, to going weeks without playing anything at all.

The last week or so I've been really heavy into Hitman Freelancer mode, but I'm starting to reach tilt on it and have drawn back the last day or so.
i try to hit at least 2 hours a day and 6 on weekend days. it's the closest thing i have to a hobby or passion. i usually stop around 11:30 pm, i dont like playing at or after midnight

almost always playing either Yakuza or FromSoft, but some big singleplayer releases attract me these days. spider-man, god of war come to mind
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i only play on days off. during the week, nothing.

i get off work too late to play anything.
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I play for an hour or two most nights after work. Days off will see significantly more time spent playing. I typically enjoy single player games but have mostly been playing Crossout and Deep Rock Galactic for the last few years.

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I barely play anymore. Usually its only a hour or two at the most on a normal day. I spend most of my time making my own game now.
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Play for 5-6 hours during the day after work and then 10+ hours on my nights off... Sometimes focusing on new releases or jumping to other games..
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random_man9119 posted...
Play for 5-6 hours during the day after work and then 10+ hours on my nights off
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I've been busy writing a book and barely played at all this week.
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havent got the chance to play much at all recently.

edit: yeah, im like that St0rmFury guy
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I primarily play Gachas. I read the topic title as 'gambling' probably ten times. So yep.
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Ive been addicted to Bloons td6 lately

cant quit I need those monkeys running through my veins
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I play a few hours a day, can be sp or mp.
Mostly modern stuff, but also go back to older systems regularly. Genre doesnt really matter, I will play anything. My last played is all over the place
jeffhardyb0yz posted...
it's been maybe 3-4 months since i last played a video game

Damn did you quit or you go on extended breaks like this a lot?

St0rmFury posted...
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I feel this... but lately I've been better at doing less thinking about my library and actually just playing
I usually hop on The Division 2 either during work hours where it's a meeting I barely have to participate in or after work. Murdering NPCs or other players in that game is actually a nice way to wind down (almost level 13k in that game)

Otherwise it's quick sessions of Rocket League. During the holidays I'm gonna sit down and go through Starfield, BG3, or Cyberpunk
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Single-player games only unless I'm playing League of Legends with friends (like once a month).

I usually play some type of game for about 4 hours each night, 10 hours on days off of work.

I prefer JRPGs, Strategy RPGs, action-adventure games, and I dabble in fighting games, visual novels, RTS, racing games, and any other game that looks good. I LOVE turn-based combat and pixel graphics, but I can appreciate any highly rated game.

I also like collecting games, so I typically buy about 2 new games or so each month on average. I stay busy and have a deep back log.

Currently I have the following pre-orders:

Metroid Prime 4
FF7 Rebirth
Persona 3 Reloaded
Granblue Fantasy Relink
Princess Peach: Showtime
Unicorn Overlord
Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown
Eiyuden Chronicles Hundred Heroes (I kickstart backed that)
Baldur's Gate 3 Deluxe Physical version

I will pre-order the Thousand Year Door remake if there's a physical version (I hope so). May also get the physical deluxe PS5 version of Cyberpunk 2077 soon ish.

If a game is digital only and the Steam Deck can play it well that is the system I will get it for. Otherwise I prefer PS5 physical versions and then Switch games for things that are exclusive.

Next Janurary through March is loaded with a lot of good games and I'm excited.

Not sure what I'll play over Thanksgiving. Wrapping up Super Mario RPG (Switch) tonight maybe and may play League of Legends some over the break. No idea my Christmas break play either. Might play some Resident Evil games in my back log.
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Current Events » What do your gaming habits look like? I must know