How big y'all turkeys?

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How many poundage?

I like a 16 or 18, but best I could find today was 14.
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Like 20?
25lbs and I'm kind of nervous, ngl.
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15 lbs for the 4 of us
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I got a 13lb turkey from work but we have no thanksgiving plans so Im just going to cook it up for my wife and toddler and have a bunch left over
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11 pounds. Just for me and my wife.
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I got two 16 pound birds. Gonna throw one in the oven with stuffing, and the other is getting smoked. Got at least 16 people coming over.
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14 pounder, you don't need a big bird.
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[ ] yes
[ ] no
6 inches
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R1masher posted...
[ ] yes
[X] no
I've thought about it, but I won't.
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10 pounds
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69 lbs
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12 pounds.
16.5 lbs

I prefer 12-15 lb range, but all the options this year were either sub-10 lbs or 18+ lbs aside from the one I found.

We're two people, we can only eat so much turkey in a week before the leftovers spoil.

GameGodOfAll posted...
How many poundage?

I like a 16 or 18, but best I could find today was 14.
I would've liked a 14
Mines 20 lbs. Gonna dry brine it and then deep fry it. Super excited. Although the peanut oil was way to damn expensive.
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No idea. I'm going to my parent's. Normally around 22lbs, but my brother in law is also making a turkey(he's frying it) so I assume they'll be much smaller.
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22 pounder
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Maybe 8 inches
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R1masher posted...
[X] yes
[ ] no
Always, 18 lb will brine & smoke.
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17 lbs, been thinking about spatchcocking it, we've deep fried for several years but the cleanup is a pain in the ass. Any tips for first timers? We did a little reading and someone mentioned using a pizza stone?
I've just got a little turkey tenderloin. There's only a few of us, and we're not big turkey eaters.
0, standing rib roast. I prefer to smoke turkeys in the spring after getting all the extras people don't want.
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My family doesn't like turkey.
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7 inches
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Current Events » How big y'all turkeys?