Do you have superhero movie fatigue?

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We've seen these words come up a lot lately. But how do the people on this board feel?

For me I think I overall do. I remember being excited for almost everything but now I think it's only Spider-man and Batman I will make an effort for. Maybe Gunn's Superman movie too. I'm still several movies behind the MCU (just watched Thor Love and Thunder the other day) and that's with them on Disney+ but to be fair I have kids now.
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I did around Iron Man 3
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I just don't watch them
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Nope. Love the MCU and they're really the only game in town so it's not really over saturated.
I never liked them but even the people who do have to be exhausted by how many there have been in the past two decades
For a long time now.
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I have shit movie fatigue
Sorta. I still see them, because I see almost everything nowadays, but much of the excitement is gone.
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For the blockbuster ones, yes. For the ones that strive to be different, no.
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Yeah, because with Marvel, it's just too hard to achieve what Infinity War/Endgame did. So the interest isn't there on my part.

And then DC, they can't seem to pull themselves out of the mud, maybe it'll change with the Gunn-led films coming, but for now, also no interest.
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Yes, I was worn out on the genre a few years ago.
Endgame was the end of my MCU movie interest. I feel like they told a complete story in (at the time) a really cool and innovative way and the stakes dont need to get bigger than that. Its done.
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Yeah, since Spider-Man 3.
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yea, for the most part.

I skipped most of the MCU movies in the past couple of years, with the exception of GotG3, and that was just because I was out and had some free time.

I also haven't seen any of the DCEU movies in a while.

I'll make an exception for the Spider-Verse movies, though.
Don't you agree, Zach?
Nah. Theyve been around forever, just gotta pay attention to the ones you care about.
I dont have superhero movie fatigue, I just think theyve mostly been releasing shit ones lately.
I'm curious about the ones with superhero fatigue. Did you follow/like superhero stuff before the MCU or was the MCU the first time you watched anything in the superhero genre?
Nope. Keep 'em coming.
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jeffhardyb0yz posted...
I have superhero movie fatigue for mid superhero movies. Bring back that MCU Phase III energy. What a time to be alive.

Yeah, the golden years of such hits as Ant-Man and the Wasp, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel.
If we're talking all capeshit, no. I'll see an MCU property if it interests me but otherwise I'm not chomping at the bit to see them.

That said, I am excited about Beyond the Spiderverse pretty much in perpetuity.
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I kind of do. TBF the run from Iron Man to Endgame was a simply unmatched event for me. They all had to be seen and I loved that it did something no other movie series I have known of has done. Ever since Endgame and Now Way Home though there hasnt really been a need to go out and see anything in theatres.

I think the last one I saw in theaters was Dr Strange and that one you needed to watch Wandavision to understand. I had watched it but I have no real desire to keep up with any of the shows or movies.
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I don't have superhero fatigue at all. In fact, I want to see MORE superhero movies.

The problem is:
Ivynn posted...
I have shit movie fatigue

And I think this is what's actually going on. Give people an actual good, exciting superhero movie and people will line up at the theaters to watch.
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AltAccount3 posted...
Give people an actual good, exciting superhero movie and people will line up at the theaters to watch.

What does an exciting superhero movie look like after the sheer amount of superhero movies we've had?
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Ivynn posted...
I have shit movie fatigue
No. I just skip the ones that I'm not interested in and watch the ones that I am interested in, same as always.
Irregardless, for all intensive purposes, I could care less.
Ivynn posted...
I have shit movie fatigue

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Yeah. I was overjoyed when they first started coming out, but I'm tapped out now.
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Nah marvel and dc films are just mid as hell these days

TV heroes are where it's at now with Invincible & The Boys
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The best movies I saw this year were Mission Impossible 7, Oppenheimer, Killers of Flower Moon and Holdovers. The worst movies I saw were Ant Man 3, GotG3, Flash, and Blue Beetle. Superhero fatigue is very real.
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Gogs of the Galaxy 3 was great >_>
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I sure don't. I love them, but they're not my primary media consumption, not even the main genre of film/tv I watch. There's plenty to cleanse my palate and keep me engaged outside of them. I also don't watch them ASAP or spend full price seeing them in theaters unless they're my favorites.

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Was never really into them to begin with.
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Nope. Not sure why people keep saying it as if they need to see every single one.
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After Endgame I just felt that was enough for a while, a good movie to end it on.

Black Panther was nice though.
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Not really? Even when the MCU was hot I barely watched half of them. (Still haven't seen Endgame lol) I just check out whatever looks interesting and ignore the rest.
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B18Champ posted...
The best movies I saw this year were Mission Impossible 7, Oppenheimer, Killers of Flower Moon and Holdovers. The worst movies I saw were Ant Man 3, GotG3, Flash, and Blue Beetle. Superhero fatigue is very real.

No offense, but then why'd you go see at least four? Especially when at least two of them looked obviously bad from the previews alone? Just skip ones that don't look interesting to you.

This seems like people that complain about open world fatigue, but then keep buying them. Just take a break or limit yourself to one or two that look good rather than treating it as an obligation.
Irregardless, for all intensive purposes, I could care less.
Only this year did I finally watch Avengers Infinity War/Endgame and the Holland Spiderman trilogy. It was worth catching up on.
I never liked superhero movies. I've only saw a few in my life and the one I liked the most was Hancock lol.

I was pretty much forced to watch the first episode of She-Hulk and I thought it was one of the most atrocious pieces of media ever conceived. The protagonist (I don't remember her name) is such a total asshole but not in a charming way.

I had a friend who is an unfortunate Marvel buff who sees EVERY movie. They saw the Marvels and there were four people total in the theater. Even he was disgusted by that movie.
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BurmesePenguin posted...
Everyone who answered no in the poll is a liar.
Interesting take
Glob posted...
I dont have superhero movie fatigue, I just think theyve mostly been releasing shit ones lately.

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I'd watch the shit out of an entirely X-Men focused MCU, but if they make dumbass decisions like making mostly filler solo movies for each team member that kill off iconic villains with no actual crossover X-team movies for over half a decade my enthusiasm world easily die out.
Excluding the big sequels, I definitely dont have really any interest in the current MCU. They went too hard on TV shows, the movies have lost a lot of focus, and there is no connective tissue between it all. Previously, all they needed was a ten second cameo at the end of a movie to feel like things were slowly building up, but now they have just bungled the formula too much.
Absolutely. It's funny, thinking back to when Ironman 1 came out, it was a surprisingly excellent movie for a superhero who at the time wasn't very popular with the masses in a way like Spiderman or Batman were. I really enjoyed it, but never did I imagine it would turn into what it has.

While I'll admit they have (mostly) maintained a high level of quality for the films, if you're like me and only went to see a marvel movie every couple years, it now seems insurmountable to watch them all. 33 goddamn films and no end in sight. Thats not even getting into tv shows too.

While I've liked most of the ones I HAVE seen, I feel like I'll probably never go back and watch most of them. I haven't even seen a third of them, and the thought of watching them all is exhausting. Like are they all worth it? Is Thor 2 just a filler episode? Are half the movies filler episodes leading up to Avengers? Idk just my own crappy opinion.
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GeraldDarko posted...
I just don't watch them

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Nope. I dont get fatigued. If I like something, I like it.
No. I wouldn't allow it. The taste would be terrible. Can you imagine Augustus-flavored chocolate-coated Gloop? Eww. No one would buy it.
I was over them since BvS to be honest. Was happy with end game but everything after has been pretty bland and generic.
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