Can the hero of the last game you beat defeat the villain of

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Current Events » Can the hero of the last game you beat defeat the villain of
Crimsoness posted...
the current game you are playing?
What if they're the same thing? (Trails SC and trails 3rd)
It says right here in Matthew 16:4 "Jesus doth not need a giant Mecha."
Been going through MGS 2 and 3. I think Raiden could easily defeat Volgin. Idk about The Boss though. But then, they're not technically a "villain" lol
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The Nerd can beat Fred Fucks more than once.
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Pinocchio vs WALL IS STOP

On the one hand, Lies of P is super linear

On the other hand, every breakable rule in Baba Is You is just a useful lie
Cal from starwars jedi survivor vs Odin God of war ragnorak?

Havnt finished ragnorak yet but from what I've seen I'll take Cal.
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Buzz Lightyear (replayed the PS1 game recently) vs The Witness from Destiny 2. Not sure he stands a chance, unless...

Close enough?

Big boss vs whoever the villain is in mw3?

Oh yeah, he's got this.
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Mae from Night in the Woods vs. Smithy from Super Mario RPG

Absolutely not - Credit: Breloom
sabin017 posted...
Can Batman defeat Sauron?

Ive got Batman vs Shang Tsung.
I don't know if Claude C Kennedy's anti matter sword can kill Mr. Scratch
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The Boss from Saints Row The Third vs
Shibusawa from Yakuza 0. He'll initially get bodied by a superior combatant before getting fed up enough to pull out one of his many guns and just start blasting.
Kratos will choke this point avatar by Hambo the Hog.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure Sonic can outrun the Spiny Blue Shell and take first place in every race, even accounting for him still being Classic rather than Modern.
sonic the hedgehog vs the final boss of star ocean 1, who is just like a big mutated guy. sanic could do it in his sleep while eating a chili dog and making bad jokes
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Mario could not slay the Princess
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V from Cyberpunk vs Venom from Spider-Man 2

My previous V was a Headshot Assassin/Netrunner so she'd basically be useless against Venom. I'm sure other V builds could probably take him though.
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Last game before the current one was Vicky 3 as the republics of central america. I forgor who the president was but I guess he's the hero. Current game I'm playing is Vagrus after finishing the tutorial and there's no baddie bad yet but the tutorial had a black knight as the baddy. If the Vicky leader is carrying a gun he probably wins.
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Spiderman would wreck the bad guys in Robocop.
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dummy420 posted...
Spiderman would wreck the bad guys in Robocop.
He would also shoot them in the dick
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Irony posted...
He would also shoot them in the dick
With a nice one liner to go with it.
Trying is the first step towards failure, so just dont give it a shot and you cant dissapoint.
Why would Spiderman shoot anyone in the dick?
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I can't remember the last game I beat since I basically just play fighting games and gachas. For the former I give zero fucks about story/single player content so I never "beat" the game, and the latter rarely have a conclusion; they just shut down lol.

And speaking of which, I just started Nikke so I have no clue who the villain is. Like I have 20 minutes of play time, most of which was spent in the tutorial.
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Smithy versus Jill Valentine, probably smithy unless she's stocked with explosives
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chaos_knight posted...
Why would Spiderman shoot anyone in the dick?
I think it's a reference. Movie Robocop shoots a badguy that is holding a hostage in the dick. There's an achievement in the game for shooting someone in the dick.
Trying is the first step towards failure, so just dont give it a shot and you cant dissapoint.
The Spider-Men vs. the Dark Presence in Alan Wake Remastered sounds fun!

Spidey is going to need to call in Dr. Strange or something
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IDK who the final villain of Persona 5 Tactica is, but considering it's Persona/a JRPG I'm going to assume it's a god. Netrunner V (nor the Sandivistan + blades V from my 1st playthrough) from Cyberpunk wouldn't stand a chance.
Rharyx211 posted...
Star Lord Peter Quill vs. ...... idk who the villain of Witcher 3 is yet?
Its in the title. The Wild Hunt
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Clive Rosfield (FFXVI) at his most powerful can and will cream the Wise Men (Star Ocean Second Story R).
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Venom from Spider-Man 2 vs Madden NFL teams

Maybe Mahomes can come up with something
Ratchet and clank from up your arsenal vs Brotato.

He'd do pretty well if he has infinite ammo.

If he has limited ammo then he is pretty much stuck with gadgetron weapons since the pda can only order them (which means no bouncer, megaturrets, plasma coil, and Tesla Barrier these four would be OP af in brotato and make it a cake walk).

That said he still would have ryno 3, doom bots, holo shields, disc gun, black hole gun, and the morph o ray at his disposal. He should be able to survive

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I was initially gonna say that I'm pretty sure Lan and Megaman not only can but do beat the final boss of MMBN4, but then I remembered I actually did play something else after BN3.

I guess whether the kids from Costume Quest can do it depends on if they're given a pass to enter the cyber world and can use their costumes. If so, I think they have a fair shot~
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Calisto Protocol guy
Last Faith big bad guy

While he can't double jump out of the way of much of anything, Calisto Protocol guy has a bunch of cool laser guns. He can destroy pretty much everything in a few shots.
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