Disney 2012: We don't need any of this EU crap!

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A_Good_Boy posted...
Disney tossed out the EU because they thought it was all garbage and assumed they could make better canon Star Wars material because they have an army of writers. Only it turns out their new canon material sucks too and they have no idea what to even do with Star Wars. Instead of acknowledging that they fucked up in their initial decision to ban the EU they decided they'd just borrow pretty heavily from it anyways because even though the EU was crap that crap was still better than what they could come up with themselves. Now the best ideas that new Star Wars material has is old stuff based from material from the EU.

The more obvious story is that the movie writers didn't care about the EU while the TV show writers (specifically Filoni) do.

Filoni already drew from the EU for his cartoon show Rebels back in 2015.
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