Western Australia's abortion laws reformed

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Current Events » Western Australia's abortion laws reformed

The Cook Governments Abortion Legislation Reform Bill 2023 passed the WA Parliament last night. The new laws will finally see abortion treated like healthcare in law , including by:

  • allowing patients to decide whether to have an abortion up to 23 weeks gestation in consultation with their healthcare provider, after which two doctors would need to be involved in decision-making
  • requiring doctors with a conscientious objection to respect their patients right to healthcare
  • removing abortion from the states Criminal Code , together with harmful legal barriers to timely abortion care, such as mandatory counselling and needing multiple doctors' approval

Nice to see at least some parts of the world are moving in a healthy direction.
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Fantastic. Here's the template. Let's use that.
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How is the EU doing on that front? I know they were planning to more forward.
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More than having the law reformed, it's important to actually have it be enforced.

Abortion was legalized in Portugal back in 2007, but a recent news story showed how there were still significant hurdles to actually get an abortion.

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Its better than something worse but still limits the bodily autonomy of women so is not good enough.
Current Events » Western Australia's abortion laws reformed