It's Friday! What's you plans tonight?

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Current Events » It's Friday! What's you plans tonight?
Eat dinner, take a shower, watch tv, play Cyberpunk.

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Eat some nachos I made dip for, play Cyberpunk and Baldur's Gate 3, and enjoy my last day of vacation this week...
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Get retested for covid just to be sure, spend the rest of the afternoon/evening grinding Granblue, sleep early for work tomorrow assuming I don't actually have covid.
Arizona Diamondbacks: 66-61
UNICLR: Phonon | GBVSR: Nier/Zeta
Friday Night SmackDown, dinner, Defeat Ganondorf, Find Zelda.
I acknowledge my Tribal Chief! I love my Tribal Chief!
Citrix upgrade tonight because I'm on call this week. :/
Rage is a hell of an anesthetic.
Shower, bar, cyberpunk
Eat, think about playing my Frost Claw Runemaster while I play Deep Rock Galactic instead, read Edgedancer, and then go to bed early.
Drink maiden blood, fly around at night in the nude, maybe eat a horse.
(She/Her) I'm a succubus. Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you. <3
Video Game IGN: Mystic. Ask me for a joke, I come up with some good ones.
I am going to make a ravioli lasagna, and then my fiancee and I are going to watch Vertigo. We are going with friends tomorrow night for an early wedding party dinner for us, so low key tonight.
Currently playing: Armored Core VI
I am translating a German science fiction novel Invasion from the Cosmos by Wolf Detlef Rohr. I have reached 58% completion. The first invader has been captured by the protagonist. Then the second invader shall land on Earth
Starfield, most likely. Gotta figure out what to make for dinner.
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Go home, work out, make pasta, play a TBD video game, drink beers, and play guitar.
Try to take over the world.
Watching baseball and playing Starfield
And as the people bend, The moral fabric dies, Then country can't pretend to ignore its peoples cries.
I'm at work until 7, get home at 8 and eat dinner.
How quaint.
Dinner with my parents and girlfriend after work, bar with girlfriend after work, probably open birthday gifts from girlfriend, and other stuff after?
Advice from a dryer: Open the door to amazement. Don't shrink from your true calling. Accept life's wrinkles. Avoid overload. Reach into mystery!
It's fight night! Friday night smackdown, delayed so i can skip through crap
Warning: Sometimes biased
Work out, eat dinner, shower, Nioh 2 and/or Saints Row until gf gets home late, either watch a show together or play Sackboy co-op, sex, sleep.
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If my connection holds up, FFXIV raids with the partner, then probably movie night. Kiddo decided he wants to dye his hair tomorrow, and I can only imagine the cleanup.
A beacon of Light from a burning screen.
Watch my kid as my wife is out at a concert, then probably do more work tonight since Ive been out all week and quarter end shit is all piling up and due at the same time.
"Creed made better Pearl Jam music than Pearl Jam did" - shockthemonkey
Current Events » It's Friday! What's you plans tonight?