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Dikitain posted...
Yes, anyone can. I bet you could go to a bank today and get it
I know people who have gotten rejected for much less. Not anyone can get it. They aren't just handing out 250k loans to anyone lol

Dikitain posted...
Plus, I was more talking about his upbringing. His mom had him when she was 17, his father basically had to give up custody of him, he got into college strictly on scholarships (didn't pay his way in) and his step-father didn't even start making actual money until after Jeff had long since started working at Bell Labs. Focusing on a loan he got in his 30's from his parents when he didn't have any money until them is disingenuous at best.

"Jeff Bezos did not come from money in the sense that George Bush or Gloria Vanderbilt did. But it is true that his family was financially quite well off compared to the average American household.
On his mother's side, Bezos's grandfather was a leading government scientist before retiring and buying a 25,000 acre cattle ranch. That shows a level of wealth beyond most Americans.
Bezos's mother divorced his father and remarried a Cuban immigrant when Bezos was four. Bezos took his adopted father's last name. The elder Bezos was a self made man who worked as an engineer and in management for Exxon Mobil for decades. That puts him squarely in middle-upper class, and we know this because he had $300K to spare when Jeff came looking for a loan to start Amazon in 1994, a venture that Jeff told him at the time had a 70% chance of failure. That is to say, Mike Bezos felt comfortable parting with what today would be $500,000 despite being warned he might never see it again. Mike wasn't wealthy, but anyone who can comfortably weather the loss of $500K is doing quite well."

Why are you so determined to paint this man as growing up poor? lol