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No "anyone" can't do that lol. Most people cant. Most cant even get a house loan for that. You have to have decent income and usually more than one person on the loan lol. Also, it was from his parents/caregivers, not a bank. Most people don't have access to interest free 250k loans from their parents

Yes, anyone can. I bet you could go to a bank today and get it. Plus, I was more talking about his upbringing. His mom had him when she was 17, his father basically had to give up custody of him, he got into college strictly on scholarships (didn't pay his way in) and his step-father didn't even start making actual money until after Jeff had long since started working at Bell Labs. Focusing on a loan he got in his 30's from his parents when he didn't have any money until them is disingenuous at best.

I never used the term "generational wealth." I said wealth buddy

So then we aren't talking about the same thing.

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