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OhhhJa posted...
You don't know anything about jeff bezos if you believe he grew up poor. "In 1995, Jacklyn and Miguel gave Jeff a loan of US$245,573 to start" if that's growing up poor then I may as well have grown up under a bridge

Anybody can get a loan for $250K. Hell, my mom got a loan for $150K and never made above minimum wage her entire life (which is the main reason I never became executor of her estate when she died because no way in hell was I going to pay that back).

Plus, you think turning $250K into almost a trillion is "Generational Wealth"? LOL!

BlackScythe0 posted...
It might be different in places like california, but making over 100k a year ain't middle class.

Officially, middle class is between $50K and $150K a year. Anything over $100K is considered "Upper middle class", but still middle class.
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