I played and beat FF7 Remake again

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Cruddy_horse posted...
I feel it's somehow the most boring and most exciting game I've played, like everytime I got to a point where I wanted to uninstall the game hits a high point that makes me love it again like a toxic ex.

I really hope Rebirth has less padding.

I mostly agree with this. Never got close to uninstalling it myself, however, they definitely struggled to stretch the 3-4 hour Midgar segment into a full 45-hour game. The entire chapter where you're basically just messing with solar panels was just straight up filler, and they made you go into the sewers a second time because the game's runtime wasn't long enough.

8-10 hours for Midgar then the rest leading to Junon and ending with the fight with Sephiroth on the boat would have made more sense. Although, with the story changes who really knows what'll happen next at this point.
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